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Speed Foods


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Blueberries aren't a speed food, sorry!

I like lentils as a speed food, along with chicken and white fish. They fill me up :)

If I'm trying to be extra good I'll look for speed food replacements - eg chicken instead of beef, apples instead of bananas, strawberries not blueberries. You get the drift :)


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I need 3 pounds to get my 2 stone award by next week and was told to look at the speed and super speed foods.


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Tuna, chicken, onions & mushrooms are fav speed foods as they're really filling & tasty. Fav super speed foods are strawberries, petit pois, mushy peas & baked beans!
(obviously not eaten altogether! lol)
Lol JoC Stacey (Mrs Wilsoncroft) calls it fart soup rofl! Would love to make some.....but......xx


Restarting my journey :)
Thanks everyone i will give the speed foods a go and see if that helps this week. It would be so good if i could get 3 pound off this week. xxx
Mushy Peas , a tin of mushy peas leaves me feeling stuffed and also very very yummy;)
Do people find increasing their speed and superspeed foods increase their loses noticably? I think I naturally eat quite a few through the day but i keep wondering whether it would be worth deliberately upping this for a few weeks.


Restarting my journey :)
Right need to eat lots of speed foods now due to last nights girly sleepover lol x
I love melons and pineapples - Sainsbury do great boxes of them, perfect to grab and snack on throughout the day.

Canned Tuna is my favourite - I usually have it with a large salad/jacket potatoe/pasta.

I make sure my salad is filled with lettuce, spring onions, celery and beetroot for some colour! xo

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