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Spicy Chick Peas

That's a recipe that goes back years but under the new regime SW say they should be synned at the red day rate for chickpeas. This is because they are a snack food and do not qualify for a free food allowance - you could easily take in a lot of extra calories without realising it and this could affect your losses. Sorry!
Really?? My C said last night that they were superspeed and free. Confused now :/
Chickpeas are but.....

Therein lies the food abuse scandal - same as for lasagne doritos, couscous cake, chickpea cake etc etc. It's food not eaten in the way it's meant to be eaten so there is an expectation of overconsumption.

Some consultants say it's okay, some say it's a no no.

We've emailed SW in the past about cous cous cake and the replies from them have been varied, but suffice to say their somewhat woolly reply is usually that if you eat this sort of thing and keep losing then okay, but if your losses start to suffer then cut them out.

Hope that clarifies a little.
Oh that helps alot, will try them once this week and see what happens at my next wi. There's times where i miss my peanuts so was thinking this could be a good alternative.

If they were to be synned would they be high? I assume the fry light plus the spices would still be free?
Hey. They are 1.5 syns per 28g cooked. So probably lower than peanuts syn wise

My consultant says if you eat them as part of a meal you should be okay. For example, if you cook 1 lasagne sheet worth of those pasta crisps & eat it with a chilli instead of rice, that would be okay.

She also said if her team developer had heard her say that she'd be dead!

So I'd syn them if i were you, just to be ine the safe side.

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