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Hi daily threaders

Hope I am right in thinking that today is Halloween?!

So, we should all have our own version of 'trick n' treat'. The trick is how quickly we can lose weight with CD and the treat is how wonderful we feel with each pound lost!

Got my weigh-in this morning, then heading into town for an afternoon play and then a poetry recital. Meeting the 'glam girls' - they are cousins of each other but not related to me; beautiful designer handbags, lovely clothes and gorgeous jewellery etc, so I will have to get a bit dressed up myself...

My own scales aren't suggesting much more than approx 4 pounds in 2 weeks - I will be happy with this, as long as I am 'a loser' ha ha!

Good Luck everybody,
lets be angelic today x:angel:
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Crikey Bling, you are a night owl aren't you?

Happy Halloween everyone :) Loving your CD friendly 'trick or treat' hun, I need some motivation at the minute. I've been struck down by tonsillitis again, think thats 8 times this year and the second time in a month. Damn GP needs to help me get sorted, its bloody horrible. Worst of all, most remedies are incredibly un-CD-friendly!

Hope WI goes ok hun x

On a more positive note- H2b ordered me the new Wii Fit expansion pack which was released yesterday, so I'm looking forward to testing it out and getting a bit more active when I'm feeling better. What a nice surprise to get an unexpected parcel in the post :D


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:) Looking forward to Halloween party tonight. My friends are coming over to my place for dinner - and they are bringing dinner with them so I don't have to cook! They are being very supportive of my diet. They know I have thrown all food out of my house and only have my CD packs in the cupboards so they will bring the food and anything that doesn't get eaten will go away with them. No temptations for me to pick at anything.
What a brilliant idea, AlexIce! This would be so much easier if i could do that, but i think family may object! I don't buy junk anymore at all, so they already have no choice in that, although they are not objecting. I definately get more tempting moments when i'm around such stuff.

Have fun Bling, given the chance, shopping could definately replace my eating habits!

What a lovely thought from your h2b lisa! Have to let us know how it goes/ if its worth it....? Hope you feel better soon. I used to suffer the same, my GP told me 'next time it happens they're coming out!' and it stopped, hardly had any periods since and that was 10+ yrs ago, wierd!

After blipping and nibbling, i am glad to report i am back in the zone, and loving it! But, i am starting to get a bit worried about maintaining. Luckily the lovely peeps on the maintenance thread are unknowingly giving me lots of help in their diaries.

Be good all, speak soon xx
Hello - so there are people up later than me, ha ha!

And now I am up bright and early on a Sat morning getting ready for weigh-in. Thought I would pamper with a pre-conditioning hair treatment from Lush - so even if weight loss isn't too good, my hair will hopefully look and smell divine! (there has got to be some logic in that, I think?!)

All this wii fit, I am starting to think that I am mising out lisalulu. Will be staying at a household in December with a reknowned technical expert (10 year old boy) so will be seeking advice.

Hope you enjoy your party alexice, and keep up the good work Butterfly. Losing the last few pounds is always the challenging part of a diet.
Will try to report in later with weight loss, its rather silly but since starting the diet I have always light-weight trousers as it was initially warm weather in August - now worried I might weigh more in my autumn material clothes. Could always do weigh-in in a bikini....

Ta-ra x
Know what you mean about the weigh-in gear Blingbabe, bet my cdc thinks I only possess 2 outfits(mind you since putting on my weight I don't own that many).Maybe someone could design a cd weigh-in uniform with summer and winter option in a v.lightweight material,which would'nt show the lumps and bumps.
Ah, I had so few clothes when I reached 14 stones plus. I used to buy cheap stuff, I didn't even have smart clothes for work.
I got to a stage where I ended up quite fed-up with myself a few weeks ago, even though the weight was coming off.
The answer suddenly popped into my head when I was passing through the local shopping mall - a new set of clothes. It wasn't pricey as it was Bon Marche and BHS, both seemed to have special deals. I bought a winter jacket, and enough tops and trousers to rotate and create several outfits.
Best thing I've done in ages (after starting CD, of course!)
I can't give you a rep either Mrs. Taurus as have to 'spread it around' too, lol;
See you all later x
LOL about the summer clothes,:D i did this for ages. Until i eventually took the plunge one week and put a pr of jeans on, as i thought i'd had a good enough week to bear the weight of the extra clothing. (they can weight up to 2lb more than lightweight clothes, i have been sad enough to weigh myself in several different outfits to test this theory!) So now can wear jeans every week with lightweight top and cardi which comes off for the scales.

Charity shops and market stalls doing high street seconds are my latest find, i have bought 4pr trousers and 4jumpers/cardi's in the last few weeks for a grand total of £21. Five items were new aswell. i love a bargain.

Off to bed now after the night shift, in again tonight so will be back waffling in the wee small hrs. xx


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I'm trying so hard not to buy clothes now as they will just be too big soon. I have started going through my wardrobe and have put a few things aside to go to recycling, a few I would like altered as I really like them - but the annoying thing is that I am starting to fit into a whole load of summer dresses I bought optimistically about 3 years ago and by next month they will all fit and it will be mid winter. lol - maybe I will just turn the heating up and parade round the house in them.
Luckliy there is no shortage of seamstresses in the village here and they are quite cheap so next summer I shall have them all altered. All I can do in the way of sewing is buttons. It's the fault of my school sewing teacher. She was so evil and terrified all the students. My hands shake if I pick up scissors and go near material!
A lot of people here in Spain still go to a dressmaker to have things made. It's nice that things like that are readily available. They are also just as likely to go to a carpenter and ask for a wardrobe to be made for them as to go to IKEA or somewhere similar.

oh and something else to share - I seem to be rambling this morning. I had a compliment from two of my adult students last night. They are husband and wife and are my last class on a Friday night. They said the diet was obviously working well and that I looked much prettier now.
I'm also looking forward to next week's weigh in as I think that barring a blip in my loss I should hit the 3 stones lost mark and I will be happy happy happy!

Have a lovely Halloween folks :)

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
After my Friday rant i am feeling sooo much better!

Have been up an hour and not had my first shake so need to get my arse in gear ASAP.
Also need to go and look at washing machine, fridge and freezer as we move into a house in 8 days and havent sorted this out yet haha.

No other real plans for today apart from taking my hire car for a spin :)
Love not driving a shitty 205 hahaha
Shame i have to give the hire car back on tuesday dammit!

Ive also got studying to do so should get off here now.

Great post btw Blingbabe! x
Well, briefly back again to report the pleasing news that I have lost five pounds in a fortnight, I am delighted.
Now a total of 3 stones and 2 pounds in just under 13 weeks - few other diets could offer that.
A special message here to people that are struggling to get started - I have so little willpower but this diet can be done, I also had a few false starts so don't give up x
Of course I had to celebrate - ordered a silver coloured heart shaped 'art deco' inspired brooch from Amazon (not expensive, £9.00), will now do my usual mantra of how I must, must stop shopping before I can't get in the front door due to unopened parcels etc (not reached that stage...yet!)
Ooh, the other news - have just read in the paper that X -Factor's Stacey Soloman appeared in her college production of 'Oh What A Lovely War' earlier this year at the Drury Lane theatre. I was there! My friend's boyfriend is a lecturer at Havering College and he was appearing in a short performance by the college staff choir before the musical started.
I have to admit that I don't recall Stacey at all! x
Ohhhh blingbabe my house literally a road away from that college looool !!!

WELL DONE on your loss!!! thats amazing!!! you are really close to your goal my luv!! you'll be maintaining soon at this rate !! Bet you feel superb

So pleased for you :) Your doing great

btw... you are SUCH a social butterfly!
Thanks Mrs. Essex. Actually starting to get excited about having local contestant in X - Factor, I will be watching the repeat tonight.
I will be at a fund raising evening for the college choir this Friday, so I suspect that Stacey will be the talk of the event.
The getting out and about is purely down to cheap London-wide tickets, will log off now but will send you details when I get back in (the websites ask that members don't blatantly publicise on chat sites etc
Bye for now x
Hi Bling., I would love to know about what tickets can be had. We need to ramp up our social life by actually going somewhere.

As for Stacey she is our fav. Go TEAM STACEY!

Nice loss miss bling xxx you doing ace.

Alex its nice when people notice when you have lost weight to good for you.

Hayley good luck on appliance shopping hun.

Well ive had a fab morning, started my gym programme today with my trainer, she has worked my like a bad girl haha, she is working with my with my diet and making sure i raise my heart rate but not too much to burn too much calories off, then doing lots of toning exercies, should have seen my on this beach ball thing, i looked like a sealion in a show, flapping about, body has fallen out with my now and every part of me is screaming for help, but shall return tomorrow for another session.
Hi all

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement and congrats for my weight loss this fortnight.
Ok, here goes on the theatre stuff - you can subscribe to a weekly email from 'Londonforless' - it will offer tickets at £3 and other good offers.
The other is The Audience Club, this you have to join, as a keyworker its £35 a year (allowing you to book up to 2 tickets) or ordinary membership is £50 (again allowing you to book up to 2 tickets). Audience Club tends to offer a lot of stuff from fringe theatre but also gets some West End theatre, concerts (Britney Spears and Kiri te Kanawa).
Check out a website, Londontown.com for up to 50% off West End productions and always look at a site called theatremonkey - it tells you of every available offer before you book for theatre.
Now I will get into trouble, but they don't know who I am?!

Coming home on the tube tonight there were so many people dressed up for Halloween parties - I didn't realise it was so popular or maybe we are all looking for a reason to party and be cheerful in a recession x
Well done on the loss Bling. I'm with you on the whole 'loving cd' thing, even despite blips its just seems so much 'easier' than anything i've evr done before. I'd have given up by now on other plans.

Very impressed with the gym joining Witchy, pmsl at the seal bit. I feel a bit like that whenever i get my but into gear and roll round the floor doing pilates, which reminds me....its been weeks...oops! Can't get my head round the excercise bit yet, even though i know i have to... I'm at work, and we have a Wii for patients to use, i may just go and bounce around and do some sports in my break. xx

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