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Spots, hair & fat... The joys of PCOS!

Hi guys,

I don't mean to be negative but I'm getting sooooooo tired of the so called 'small' problems associated with pcos!

I still get spots like I was a teenager, I have facial/body hair that's only getting worse as the years go on & I have ALWAYS been overweight!

When will it all go away?!?!?! I had hoped things would improve as I lost weight, but so such luck as yet! I still have spots & excess hair! I hate it! Like having pcos isn't bad enough!!!

Grrrrrrrrr... Anyway, Rant over thanks for letting me vent :) x
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I'm lucky in that I never had problems with acne aside from the regular old teenage zits, but the body hair? I have to shave my face at least twice a week...it used only to be a little patch under my chin but over the years its gotte coarser just about everywhere a mans beard would be. And the past couple of months I've noticed it getting a little coarser on my boobs too. It's horrific! Thankfully the hubby doesn't seem to notice/mind/care...but I sure hope it will improve when I loose weight...I want to be able to wear nice revealing things and will only have to keep covering up if I continue to morph into some kind of hairy were-beast!
I know exactly what u mean. People may think 'oh its only a bit of extra hair' or 'oh its only a few spots' but when u put everything together - hair, spots, bad periods (if you get them at all!), mood swings AND difficulty in losing weight, its not just "small problems" it seems like one huge big fat problem lol its always easier for people to make comments like this when they have no idea what its like

my advice would be to carry on losing weight - even as difficult as it is - as this normally helps (at least a bit) to calm some symptoms down. its not a miracle cure though, its not like you lose a stone and the spots stop, or lose 2 stone and tadaaaa! no extra hair anymore! it doesnt work that way unfortunately :( but keep your chin up and carry on with losing weight and living healthier, and hopefully things will slowly but surely get better :)
You're so right! Just got to keep trying! I need to keep losing the weight, apply the foundation to cover the spots & keep my hairy chin up lol!

In all serious though, pcos has It's fair share of issues, as does being overweight! None of which are fun!!! I guess it's how you deal with it all that counts. The fact we are all on here shows we are making a change.
Plus in a weird way it's kind of nice to know it's not just you feeling like this (if you get my drift).

Fingers crossed this is a good week for us all. Ccxx
yep, we're all in the right place to start making changes to our lives. if things still don't get better despite weight loss, the doctors are kind of forced to look for other reasons as to why you have pcos, as - in my experience - they tend to blame A LOT on weight lol
That's true too! Mine are exactly the same, everything comes back to the weight! Still I'm hoping things will improve (however slightly) with the weight loss.

Hope you're doing ok?!
the main thing that worries me since the weather is getting hotter now is the extra hair - i have to shave my chest to de-fuzz if im wearing a top that comes down more than a few inches from my collar bones - its horrible! honestly, there couldnt be a condition that makes u feel less feminine :(
Aww hun, I know it's awful! It really does make feeling womanly extremely hard! What with the extra hair, lack of periods, extra weight etc it's an awful condition to have. It strips away ur confidence & femininity bit by bit! :-(

All I can say is try not to let it take over, try to concentrate on the positives if you can! I (I say this, yet I know I don't do that really.)

I've been looking into laser hair removal, I'm going to save up and try it i think. Have u considered it? Ccxx
I've thought about it a lot but its sooo expensive! But if you get a referral from a doctor as proof that you do have pcos, you get reduced rates :)
Hi, i have pcos too, dont suffer too much with excess hair, except for my lip which i get waxed but am lucky my hair is very fair. I do however suffer with the lack of periods (sometimes none for 6 months) and weight gain. The dr put me on glucophage and this seems to be working, suppresses my appetite and is bringing the periods back as well :) are any of you on glucophage or have tried it?
not me, first of all they put me on microgynon (ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel) about 5 or so years ago, then dianette and ive been on cilest for around the last year. cant tell much difference between them though, havent noticed any difference with my body at all, none seem to have affected hair growth but i think microgynon did help to clear up some spots - i used to get loads on my face, chest and back, now its not so bad.
I'm taking metformin & microgynon. It's helping my periods but not much else really. Ccxx
i think gluucophage is similar to metformin... i would prefer not to be taking meds everyday so hopefully with the weight loss i will be able to come off it... have you been on meds for long?
I only started taking them at new year, but like you I don't want to be on them for ages. I have been told that losing weight won't stop the symptoms but could improve them xx
I know what u mean. It's maintaining the loss that's the hardest bit. But I personally feel that this time I will do it! I'm fed up of moaning about my weight, being on constant diets but only getting bigger! I need to get control of my life again, starting by gettin some will power & putting the cakes down :p
Good luck!!!! I'll keep everything crossed!

I can't see stats/info on the iPhone app, what diet/programme are you on?
Wow well done that's fantastic!! I have done just about every diet going. But I've settled on calorie counting and combining my previous knowledge of ww and sw. It's working do far anyway :)

Again well done! U must be over the moon.

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