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ss before operation


Restart 3/9/2013
havent a clue but i think i did read on here that it is 3months after a op before you can ss again sorry
After any op is that? I am due to have a minor investigatory keyhole thing in a couple of months - its day surgery and Im only going to be out less than an hour???

Worried now...
ask your CDC bish I think they'll say surgery is surgery I'm afraid. I may have to have keyhole surgery soon (gallstones) and I was told 3 months.

You should be on 1200 cals minimum 2 weeks prior to surgery then you wait until three months afterwards.

There are some exceptions to this.

Your CDC can contact the medical department for guidance as each case can be different.


Restart 3/9/2013
Thank you CDC - no date for my surgery yet, but will consult my cdc now and get him to find out for me
Yeah I had my gallbladder out (keyhole) and used ss to lose weight for the op. Then afterwards I couldn't re start for 3 months as your body needs time to heal x

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