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SS Vs AAM - desperate housewife!

Hi every1! I'm new to CD and on day 3 of SS and to be honest I am struggling. I have a hubby who works shifts (been off this wk) and two boys aged 6 and 8. Despite hubby being supportive with meals etc I am still preparing breakfasts, packed lunches and majority of evening meal and after doing this weeks shop I just can't see me hacking this - total respect to those who do it long term!! How different are the losses comparing 1 method to the other? My Counsellor on hols so can't bug her. Grateful for any advice?

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Do you mean SS vs 790 hun??? The loss difference is v small, 1 to 3lbs per month, average losses are 12lbs per month on 790 to 1 stone on SS.

SS is very good for people who like to take food out of the equation completely, 790 is good for those that do have some control but also have eating commitment, the key with 790 is to stick to the amounts in the book.

I did ss for 4 months last year and did great, I also did 790 this year for a short time and it went very well too.

Both plans are great weight loss, the problem that some have on 790 is stopping at the amounts in the book, or adding a little here and a little there!!!

Good Luck x
I do mean 790 (add a meal?). Would rather compromise I think than completely banish CD. I feel so utterly weak and ashamed that I might cave in! I've had this planned for weeks and feel really motivated and i'm so dedicated in my head but at the same time this is HARD! I can't believe how much i'm around food and that's not gonna change. Gonna have my soup! Will definitely see out wk 1 and see how I feel then.

Thanks Vicky
Hi Lilly, the first week is tough hun, and dont be too hard on yourself, CD is a new way of life for you and it takes time to adjust.

It is hard, Ive been there and I know exactly how you feel, best thing to do at the mo is get your head down and eyes on the prize at the end, Mike (Icemoose) used to say this all the time, head down, eyes on the prize, and I used to chant it whilst making packed lunches!!!

AAM is different to 790, do you have the yellow weight care book, it explains in there, but basically during SS you add a meal for 7 days every four weeks, this is a tiny amount of protein and veg. On 790 you have a meal every day (or split it like I do) and the amounts are more plus you are allowed skimmed milk.

I reckon if you see week 1 through, see your loss then you'll be happy, but if you arent then re asses your options, 790 is good x
Thanks hun! Congrats on your loss 1lb to go after 65 is absolutely fab. I will read my book again. And I will chant 'head down, eyes on the prize'!

Lily i know where you come from, its hard! we can all vouch for that, but when ur surrounded by food its so hard, im beginning week 4 and im never hungry but i feel i have to pick becuase its there! no cos i want it, it stupid, i just say to myself "moment on the lips, lifetime on the hips" all my mates at work are taking the p##s out of me now cos i say it all the time. we work with food and thats one of the reasons i got myself into this mess lol
I think you should try get through the first week then have a good hard think, once you see the numbers on the scales go down it also helps you think "i dont need to eat"

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