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Diane I'm sure someone will come along with the SS+ info soon.

I just wanted to say that you may change your mind after your weigh in. I felt like you did for the first two weeks and was desperate to eat something, but as soon as I saw the weight dropping off I realised that SS is working and didn't want to jeapodise that. Just keep an open mind - week three has been much easier :)
Thanks Guru
I have lost 8lbs so far, it's always easy when you first try this diet but i've done it several times and although i do lose about 2 stone i always end up cheating. I think its the need to chew something


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Ah okay. Well SS+ is better than a full on blow out so that may be the answer. Do you have the bars or porridge? I find they help with the chew factor
I did try the porridge and it made me gag.Not had the bars yet as you cannot have them until the start of week 3. it's difficult when you have to cook for someone else as well - absolute torture..I'm going to have a real good think over the next day and decide what i'm going to do, my weigh in is not until saturday morning.


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first thing i am going to ask, before any info is divulged (lol) is when is your weigh day?
Becuase that first weigh in can totally change your mindset re food hun!
1st weighin is saturday morning.I have read a few threads that say on SS+ the weight loss is the same? that's why i thought maybe its better to do that than to cheat bigtime...


WILL be Slim!
for the sake of 36 hours hun, personally i would stick it out (cos that's what i did!).....
I dont think the problem with SS+ is about the differnce in losses, but more the potential of "cheating".
I had to emotionally cut my ties with food, and you need to remember that its not your body asking for food, its your brain!
This could be a real mind over matter moment hun...
Now you could revert to SS+ and eat, and be very happy with the food and losses, but it could also make you want food more....



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I would say really try and stick to SS. You'll maybe find the bars help you but definately try to stick it out SS 100% till your WI then discuss with your CDC.

Good luck.

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