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ive always done ss plus and im more than happy with it,i dont know how ppl manage on ss to b honest lol i lost 4 and a half stone in 3 months on ss plus and i started again last tuesday to lose the remaining 3 stone,its having that small meal to look forward to that keeps me on the straightened narrow. you can have fish,chicken or turkey(white meat only) with certain veg or salad but ur best off talking to ur cdc as to what excatly u can and cant have xxx
Yeah, i was thinking of maybe swopping over to cambridge!

Not too fussy on the lighterlife shakes, sooo sweet! Have tried cambridge in the past and prefer the shakes on cambridge.

Thanks for replying x x


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hi wobbly71 i havent tried the lighterlife before but im doing the ss on the cambridge diet, im only on day 8 but have just had my first weigh in and lost 8 1/2 ibs so am a happy bunny, i have tried a few different diet shakes before but am finding the cd ones to be the nicest. hope you have a good week :)


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Hi Wobbly 71 - I'm doing SS+, and have done since day 1. I love my evening meal, and love being able to choose some real food when I do the family shop. The portions are 125g of white fish, chicken or turkey plus 2 tablespoons of green vegetables (asparagus, spinach, cabbage, kale, etc) or green salad.

I have always eaten more than the 2 tbs of veg/salad and stayed in ketosis throughout, although I am 5ft 10 with largish frame. I am not recommending this, just stating what I do. I personally do not consider this cheating, but do acknoweldge it is off plan. That said I am pleased with my weight losses - 24lbs first 4 weeks and 4lbs and 3lbs for weeks 5 & 6.

In summary - do I like SS+ - without a doubt! it works, I'm not hungry and I love my meal. It has also gone a long way to retrain the way I eat and what I like to eat. Cannot see myself returning to red meat in abundance again, and as I dont miss carbs now I just wont bother with them again!

Sorry for the long reply - but as you can tell SS+ comes highly recommended!!! Best wishes with your decision. Traceyxx
Thanks Tracey

I have bit the bullet and e-mailed my lighterlife councellor and told her I won't be back on Monday and I have contacted cambridge councellor and will be seeing her monday evening. Can't wait, looking forward to my mint choc shakes mmmm........

thanks for al your great advice everyone and look forward to joining you over here

x x x x
Hiya everyone, well I saw CDC last night so as from today am cambridge -ing!

I got the book with the info for SS+ and just have a 'few' questions.

120 grams of chicken - just for an idea is this about an average breast portion?

Also I have seen a few recipes what people have and it includes mushrooms, beansprouts etc, these are not on the list in my book! It's only (I think!) cabbage, cauli, broccoli, asparagus lettuce cucumber!

And finally (I promise) what flavourings do you all use, can I have a bit of powdered paprika, love to cook my chicken in foil in the oven with a sprinkle, and also pepper! How about soya sauce!

Loadsa questions but excited to have real food!

Please reply if you know you can help me

Love x x x x
Well last night I had!

A chicken fillet baked in foil with a bit of water and paprika and pepper, and a bit of cauli and brocolli!!! Was lovely

Weighed my chicken fillet and it was 134 grams cooked so thought this would be ok!

Later x x x

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