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St Clements?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but I've been wondering what the "St Clements" water flavouring tastes like. I got the fruits of the forest and it's nice, but I'm thinking of getting something else for variety - but no idea what it's meant to be! Can anyone explain?

Also are the savoury broth sachets nice? They seem very expensive...
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St. Clements is citrus, I'd say lemon and lime. I personally much prefer it to F of Forest, it's less dry if that makes sense! It's great in fizzy water or hot water too. I haven't tried the savoury broth.
"Oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clements" !!!
The savoury broth is a clear soup. You'd think it was vaguely chicken, but it's veg, tastes of celery and salt. I love it.
Most people use Marigold powder which is essentially the same, but much cheaper.
While I was on abstinence I used the sachets because it's addictive (surprise, moi-addicted!)It was expensive, but I could be sure to only have 2 a day.
You can get salt free Marigold bouillon, but I find it bland.
I've just started using a vegetable bouillon once a day if I need something savoury. I have a small tin of it and use 5g to a mug. It hasn't affected ketosis so I'll be sticking with that. In fact I've just had it now mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Yes I know the song, slenda! :d'oh:! :D But didn't think they'd have an orange drink and then an orange and lemon drink. Doesn't seem like many options. Would have been good if it was lime...

Thanks for the tips re an alternative to the savoury broth. Think I will still get some in order to at least try it, but will try your suggestions too.
I think it's whatever you feel comfortable with. I think if I'd been staying with LL I probably wouldn't have tried something outside of the rules. Coz me and rules - I've always been if I break a rule I might as well REALLY break a rule, know what I mean?! Technically bouillon is not allowed, but I've managed to convince myself that the ingredients and nutritional value were so close that it was almost LL broth in a different pot!


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Have to say I wasn't over excited about St Clements - tried for for a week and went back to Fruits of Forest - which I only drink hot now :D

Only started drinking the broth last week and wish I'd tried it sooner - lovely - and a perfect little stop gap when things are manic at work and I don't have time to make up a porridge or whisk up a shake :)


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I love the fruit of the forest flavouring, but have never actually bought some! (Think paying £70 a week, then being expected to pay an additional £8 for flavouring is a bit excessive! Think it's £8 correct me if i'm wrong...) But I always drink loads of it at our meetings as my LLC always has tubs open for us to help ourselves to!
Am tempted to try the savoury broth, but only have 3 weeks to go so feel like i'm running out of time!

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