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Stacey's food diary - 10 weeks till cruise! Eeeeeeep!

Hello peeps,

Welcome to the diary of ZERO willpower :cry: I am as naughty as they come :break_diet:

I will be doing mainly red days as EE is not restrictive enough for me as i tend to just convince myself everything is on plan, green days are me eating myself to carb heaven (hell?) and eating too many mugshots. Also I have been looking through Ellebear and Funcurls food diaries amongst others and thought red sounds goooooood (and I laughed when i read them!)

Here goes, day 1. Red day

Breakfast: HEB1 Kellogs milk choc fibre plus bar. A donut peach.

Lunch: Lettuce, tomatoes, celery, beetroot, spring onions and a quartered boiled egg. 2 biscuits (5 syns)

Snack: Clementine

Dinner: HEB2 Jacket potato with marg (2 syns) and HEA1 low low cheese, pork chop (fat removed) cabbage, cauliflower, brocoli, tabasco (far to much:eek:)

Pud: Shape delight white choc (5.5 syns) Minimilk (2.5 syns)

I also used HEA2 in 4 cups of tea.

15 syns! Amazing! Thought I would be over :) Also have a massive nasty cold so wanted to eaaaaat lots.

I am going on a cruise on 3rd September so am trying to get down to 13 stones in time for that. 10 weeks... could be a problem :(

If anyone is having a read and see's any probs, let me know :)
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28th June 2011 - Red Day

B: HEB Kelloggs fibre plus bar, donut peach
L: Salad and boiled egg (no dressing)
D: Oops 2 x sharwood mini garlic and coriander naan bread 16 syns? few spoons of syn free curry. Not feeling good today so didn't want dinner :(

Snacks: 3 clementines

HEA milk in tea

Total syns 16
Thursday Red day again

B : heb fibre plus bar
L- 227g jacket potato (heb) with 42g red fat cheddar, lean bacon and a splash of ff natural yog to mix it.
D: oh Nooo half portion of chips from chip shop. Will call it all 15 syns

Snacks: fruit of various descriptions
Hi :)

Wow someone looked at my diary! Thank you :)

We are going on a cruise round the med and Italy on 3rd September with royal caribbean :) sooo can't wait not been on a cruise before. Have u been on one before? Everyone I know that's been says it amazing :)

I will keep an eye on how you're getting on, hopefully we can get to 13 stone together and on time.

Thanks for popping in :)


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As a Red day lover i am ALL OVER your diary now!!!

*waves hello*

We are similar weights too - so lets get motivating each other!!!

Awww thanks! Ice been a bit slack with the diary as busy couple of days. Also am off to Portugal for a week tomorrow so will be silent for a week!

I've worked out red days are quite easy, I thought they would be really hard.

I'll do today's diary tonight (after packing! Eeeek!)
I hope you have a lovely time in Portugal too. It looks like the weather is going to be hot hot hot!

And yeah EB you are getting married really soon :) 15 weeks not long at all:love047::love047::love047::love047:


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holy crapballs stop reminding me - hehehe! yes i am getting MARRIED in 15 weeks - its actually one year today he asked me (awwwww) and i was all like - YEAH!!!!! wooo!!!!! (**** im fat!!!! arghhhh) hehe! ive lost another 2 stone (nearly) in the past 12 months, so not bad going.

I need to knuckle down tho - cos yeah ive got a holiday/honeymoon to go on and i wanna look RIPPED haha! Us marrieds are off to Kenya and then Zanzibar! woo! x


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Oh wow!! How exciting!!! Safari?? You have done soo well do far!!! I've only got to losing 2stone once! :( But this time I will do it!!!!
yup Safari, Hot air balloons and then luxury beach in Zanzi :D wooo! you can do it - ive got about that much still to go - we can all motivate each other!
Ripped lol. Me and my OH are always laughing at those 'I got ripped in 2 weeks!' ads on the net.

Wow safari, that's well brave! :) you're gonna have an amazing time :)

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