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Star week munchies!

Reading through the posts today it appears I'm not the only one suffering from the star week munchies! I'm finding it almost impossible to resist the things I should and even as I finish chewing my last bite of anything I want something else! I'm trying to stick to free foods as much as possible and even went EE today so I didn't limit myself. How do you all cope? I feel like I can't really control myself!
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I go mad for savory things on a * week so i always go green or EE and make a massive plate of SW chips and save a HEB for some nimble white bread and have a chip butty. Feels naughty but it isn't :cool:

Also - i paint my nails, it stops me picking at things because i dont want to smudge my nails!


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OMG chip butty! They feel so wrong but are sooo right! lol. I had my maltesers for breakfast lol. mmm!! I don't feel the need to munch constantly, if anything I feel quite sicky most of the time (for a day or two) I'm over it today, and have managed to control myself!! Hope you feel better soon. xx
I drink water/green tea or find free ways to curb my cravings. I brush my teeth or have mints.
I find my cravings are for sweet things from the day after I take my last pill right til the lady visitor arrives about 5 days later! And normally I don't crave sweet stuff at all.
Oh my godness, thank the lord I am not the only one who eats everything in sight on star week!!!

Yesterday I had the munchies bad, but I tried to stick to free foods like fruit, and pick at bits of chickent that I had cooked up, but I find it soooo hard!


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I always want the savoury stuff too. Bananas and pasta (not together) are great when its your * week as these are the sugars that your body is craving not chocolate.
I wanted everything in sight yesterday! Savoury, sweet, fruit, veg, anything! I feel a bit better today and ready to control myself, free food and not as many syns to make up for my day of naughtyness. Fingers crossed!

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