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star week question..........

hey girls! weigh in for me tonight! I'm one measerly pound away from my 3 stone award so wish me luck!!! however... its star week and I've never been weighed before on star week! I find a couple of days before then I can have a small gain though. I just wondered for those of you who gain around star week... do you find it's normally before or during? sorry for the nature of this question!!!! LOL c x
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ooooo fingers crossed is doesn't make a difference and I get a pound off!!! although to be fair I'm uncertain of how accurate last weeks weigh in was cos I went to a different class and got weighed in the morning rather than the evening...... time will tell........ if not... there's always next week! C x


I will succeed!!!
I think * week affects us all differently. I've never noticed a gain when it's that time for me personally. I used to get massively bloated but since I started drinking a lot more water it's less so now.

Hope it goes well x


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Good luck anyway, I hope you get the lb!! 3 stone is a fantastic acheivement- can't wait to get there myself- I'm halfway there!! But then again, 2 stone 13lb is also an incredible acheivement so think of that whichever way it goes!! (Will be lovely to get that sticker and that landmark though I realise that!!)X
thanks guys!!! I've been on plan so at least if it's not tomorrow.... it should be soon!!!!.............. i have to agree i think there's no hard and fast rules re star week it seems to really vary! good luck to all you guys this week xxx
I tend to have a gain or a sts whenever its my * week...I have just learnt to accept it. I also know that it will come off again the week after. My advice would be to also drink plenty of water...I loose more weight on a * week when I drink more water and also dont suffer as badly with cramps.
Yep I think everyone is different. I hold onto water before mine start but as soon as they do it's like a switch turned on it just dissapears, along with my grumpy hormonal moods ;)
thanks guys - i've always been really bad at drinking enough water so am going to up to up my water in take! i've also realised that I sadi weigh in was tonight! Its actually tomorrow..... LOL c x

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