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started dieting at 9st now 19st...last chance diet


Hello People/Friends
My mother first put me on a diet ( the onion diet! 1970ish) then it was the cabbage, followed by the lemon, followed by the egg...... so many of them...I'd lose a bit only to put twice the amount back on.... and to be quiet honest looking back I wasnt that heavey to start with.
The first diet I did for myself was in 1980, and I got to 9st, having lost nearly 2 stone in just over a year, counting calories. It was hard!!
Before I had time to turn around I was 13st, so I dieted again back to 10st, then again up to 15st, then down to 11st, then to 17st, back to 13st. In the last 3 years I have been down to 13stone up to 18stone, down to 15st up to 19st, where I am now.:eek:
So with all this behind me, this diet has to work...... after weeks of planning, sourcing my meal replacements for vlc diet, I set the fist day to be Sunday 23rd.....I had a really good start. A truelly great dieting day!! This time I know I am where I have to be to finish this and be the 7st I should be!:p
I got on the scales this morning( yes I know! but I was excited) and I was no longer in the 19st infact I had lost 5lb over night, all those trips to the loo were worth it after all lol
I hope everyone reading this is enjoying thier life as much as I am, and losing the weight too xxxx
Love to all;)
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On A Mission!
Well done with a great start!

I know that story of dieting/gaining all too well. If i had never gone on a diet to start with I dont think i would have reached my top weight of 18st.

What is your plan when you come off the VLCD?

Blue Butterfly

Gold Member
Well done on your loss so far. The quick losses are a great motivator and really keep you going.
Good luck with the rest of your journey. x


Thanx to u both xxx ive no idea what im going to do when i get to target..... other than buy lots of clothes lol... because Im doing this on my own, i will take help from anyone who is willing to give it, so when it come to adjusting to eating again.... i know there is someone out there who will have done it before me and succeeded x


What kind of foods are you eating to produce these losses. Can you share with us your daily diet plan?


ok here is the diet
1 boiled egg for breakfast
1 Atkins day break snack bar about 11am
150mls of full fat milk..... sometimes made into cappuccino(need coffee fix some days!
Avidlite dietmeal soup
Avidlite dietmeal pudding/shake
4lts water.....

another 1lb off today

oh! and the cost is about £20


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Hi Chrissie... Very well done on your weight losses so far!! What are the Avidlite pudding/shakes like?? I've had the spicy spag & cottage pie sachets and there really nice but I'm a bit dubious to order the shakes for some reason!! :) x