Started lipotrim maintenance last week


New Member
Hi all :) I started lipotrim last tue and I'm due to weigh in tomorrow again! I decided to do the maintenance programme instead of the full food replacement. I weighed in at 15 st 2 lb and I'm 5ft 3'. I'm finding the first week very difficult :( all I ever think about is food and I'm always hungry but I will see if it paid off tomorrow xx
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I started on Sunday first day was the worst but yesterday wasn't too bad. Like you I decided on the maintenance as I really need to eat something in the evening. My sister has lost a stone in a month on the maintenance and it was she who motivated me. Hope you are doing well. I have my first weigh in on Saturday morning and I can't wait. Nothing is easy but a quote I read says accomplishment comes to those who say "I can make it happen" no one can make this journey for you. Best wishes