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  1. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Ok I started Lipotrim this week. I wan't to loose as much as I can by August for my holiday to America, and because I really get myself down when I look in the mirror. I want to start doing some exercise and stuff but will probably start that when everything has settled down this week. Hoping to loose big but any loss I would be grateful for. I got a gym membership which includes swimming and classes and I am determined to do this.

    People have called me stupid because you don't eat and my fiancé has express concerns because he believes it will be dangerous... but I want to do this. determined really.

    So I started Lipotrim yesterday and I don't feel hungry at all. I suppose it is because I haven't really been around food, except for shopping in Costco this morning.

    I was told not to exercise on the first week because your body may go in to shock, but I do want to do a little something.

    I was supposed to go to aqua aerobics tomorrow, does anyone think that will still be alright to do?

    Don't really know what will be acceptable and what won't. I've only had two shakes today because I don't feel hungry, the shakes fill me a lot. Will try to have all 3 obviously, but as I only woke up late today I only had 2, is that a big problem?

    Have never been on this diet before so I don't really know the ins and outs as much...
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  3. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Lipotrim Day 3

    Felt very sluggish this morning, went to have my nails done and decided to walk back, (about a 25 min walk), felt horrid after it, but now I've had my first shake, I feel a bit better now but still not completely right. Got a bit of a headache but its going since i drank a load of water.

    Hope today will be good for me :)

    My sister and her boyfriend thought it would be fun to make bacon butties to try to tempt me. Felt amazing when I restrained myself and went upstairs with my shake instead! There is swimming tonight so I think I may go to that. Try to force myself to move as still feeling sluggish :/

    Did a mini work out thing and felt like rubbish, didn't realise how unhealthy I was....

    Determined! Determined! Determined!
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  4. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    So fourth day.

    I was at university the day I usually binge. I didn't :) proud of myself for that because it was one of the days i was dreading. Still feel fine, no headaches or lack of energy drinking a lot (about 3litres a day) but don't feel any different :/

    Have had two shakes today and going to have a soup in a bit as my final one, still not sure i like it, love the vanilla in my coffee though :)

    Decided that I don't mind this diet at all, 4 days down 3 to go for this week :)
  5. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Fifth day, can smell the gamon downstairs and I really want some :( but I can't I will do this! I spent the day at uni again, only had one shake so far and 2 1/2 litres of water because I have work tonight. All nighter so going to have my last shake at 11 and my first for tomorrow at 4/5 :)

    Has some of the soup last night but it made me sick :(

    Need to swap my other ones so I have some different ones I think :/
  6. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    Hi allanah congratulations on getting through day 5! it all gets easier from here thanks to the ketosis! i've been advised to only do exercise through walking, so i wouldnt do anything high impact. They told me that a lot of exercise puts the body in shock and results in a lower weightloss, but usually more inches around the body would be lost. We're only taking in 425 calories so things have to be quite precise i think! good luck on the rest of your week and over the weekend xx
  7. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    thanks problem is everything that everyone is talking about, the headaches, the tiredness etc I don't seem to be getting... I don't feel any of the affects of ketosis either :/
  8. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    I was the exact same! haha, tomorrow is day 10 for me and i have had no headaches or tiredness or feeling cold, tiny bit of bad breath but not noticeable, trust me i think that means we're lucky not that it isnt working :p you can test for ketosis if you ask your chemist but failing that i say stick to it and wait for your weigh in, mine was an absolute shock :)
  9. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Think I'm just going to wait for my weigh in but I don't feel like I've lost anything either :/ think I need to start gym and swimming on monday :/
  10. slimmabum

    slimmabum Full Member

    You will have definitely lost, believe me. You're doing absolutely brilliantly despite not getting the support you need at home. Was just reading your other entries ... if you're not used to exercising I think you should wait a bit but a bit of gentle swimming or walking should be ok - you will need to tone up once the weight cimes off unless you are young or one of these lucky people whose skin snaps back in place! I've continued with mine as I did it already but it's been hard. Drink plenty and make sure you've got plenty of distractions. I've only told my children and partner as I don't want everyone talking about it every time they see me. Keep strong and keep up the good work!
  11. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    I hope so i really need to loose weight :( not healthy and piled in 3 1/2 stone when my grandma died :( determined to do this! Need to do it really so guna start exercise next week once I've had my weigh in. Not had a shake today yet, but I've drank a lot of water. Need to loose a lot tho :/
  12. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    i'm sorry to hear about your loss! you will definitely lose on this diet, don't worry, stick to it 100% and drink 2 litres of water and it should drop off you! have you set yourself some mini goals to keep you going? Think i'm going to go swimming next saturday and sunday, just for half an hour each time to start a healthy regime, hope today goes well for you!
  13. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    I haven't yet but after my first week I will do :) I'm hopeful even if I just loose a bit it's better than nothing. Want to loose as much as I can then probs work on a slimming world food plan hopefully :)
  14. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Day 7
    So I did something stupid yesterday and I'm paying for it today. I only had one shake (only realised when I counted my sachets today) and don't think I drank enough water to compensate (2 litres) so I feel very light headed this morning. Note to self do not do!

    I did make myself proud yesterday though... I went to the cinema and took a bottle of water and nothing else (should have probe took a shake and made it while I was there but I didn't think (i was running late) and despite the smell of nachos and popcorn and Ben and Jerry's (my downfall at the cinema) I did not get any. I sustained from having any and it felt good.

    My only problem is sunday lunch today :(
    Its the first time I'm not eating my mums sunday lunch and I am not looking forward to it :( I really want some and I keep thinking NO it will knock you out of ketosis but then I think.. but it's healthy :(

    Need to get over is :( think I might clean my room while everyone is eating
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  15. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    It's so important to have all your shakes love! Try you're best but don't beat yourself up, it was only one day and it's better than if you had caved and ate a pizza haha! Well done for bringing water to the pictures! It's so strange to think how we've just adapted to no food and even when tempted we can overcome it! We should be proud :D keep yourself busy today, roast days are always hard but they will be waiting for you when you finish LP so don't worry! Have a good night x
  16. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    I resisted :D I feel so proud, sunday roasts by my mum are always my favourite! I've had two shakes so far and going to have a third soon but I feel pleased with myself. Went to Bingo with my mum and sister and resisted my usual coke and victoria sponge duo (which I've had practically every sunday for the past few weeks)

    Thanks for the support Timetochange90 :)

    Its my weigh in tomorrow and I am sort of dreading it but I know I would have lost something... even if its just 1lbs it's better than nothing :)

    Determined to loose weight. I bought a dress in a size 12 today so that is my determination to loose the weight for a wedding in late June and to get in that dress :D
  17. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    You have plenty of time to reach that size 12! I have no doubt you'll do it! It's hard giving up little rituals like that isn't it haha, but just think how proud you feel of yourself right now and how upset you would have been if you'd caved! I'm sure your weigh in will go well, you'll have to keep me updated :) awww it's okay, I think supporting each other will get us through, we seem to struggle on the same stuff but are equally determined. Have a good weigh in! Xx
  18. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Thanks :) I have been roped in to Boxercise classes on Mondays by my sister in law so I shall be going to them and me and my fionce are starting the couch to 5k tomorrow (my two nieces 5 and 8 want to do it too so this will be fun) and I am determined to do this! :) yeh we seem to be just reading your diary now :)

    We will both get through it I am sure. need to keep strong :D
  19. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    Boxercise is meant to be amazing! It's good that we're training ourselves for life after LP as well. Hahah I saw your reply on my diary! Ignore my one asking about your exercise :p it's good we have supportive men as well, it's great your fiancé is going to start the exercise with you! Weigh in tomorrow for you! Ahhhh, I'm excited for you! Have a great one xx
  20. allanah

    allanah Full Member

    Just had my first weigh in and I have lost 10lbs!!!! I am so excited!
  21. TimeToChange90

    TimeToChange90 Full Member

    Amazing!!! Congratulations :D

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