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I know what you will all say moaning already!!!!

Had van shake (or tried to) then tried St shake ...don't know what I am going to do yet but something....Van shake foul is the only work couldn't drink...and st even worse..BUT determined to sort it....
Going to try coffee in the van as I love strong coffee...or maybe add some van to it if that is ok ...the real stuff not the essence...may try hot as some of you do with coffee that could be good on a cold day or in the evening..Ended up eating half a choc orange bar for b/f...bit cardboardy but ok. Quite filling and needed to drink with it but thats good as not the best at drinking lots(got to sort that too) They say anything worth having you must work for so maybe this is my challenge to make it all palitable to my taste....Havent tried soup but me thinks I will need lots of black pepper and maybe chilli powder or curry powder or something but again a challenge...Now downhearted just have to work a bit harder than just mix and consume...good luck to those who start this month...

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Not Now downhearted slip of the finger...meant to be Not....Will have to preview my posts while eating less or you may be reading some very stange thinks (sorry things)ha


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Hi polly, I am on day 3 and things do start to taste better :) The vanilla/coffee drink works quite well - thinking about trying a chocolate version. The Thai chicken soup is awful (I think so anyway lol) but the veg one is ok - not tried the others yet. Good luck and stick with it :)


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Hi There!
I started today to. So far i've tried Chocolate shake which is ok and i've had a choc orange bar.
I'm trying to hold out until around 6pm then i may half my vanilla shake so i can have the other half later .

Keep at it and good luck! :D
i add cinnamon powder to my strawberry and banana shakes. i dream i am eating a cinnamon sticky bun ;)
they are also nice if you try the shakes hot but not ideal in this weather! :(
Hi Polly

I think with time you will get used to them. I had the mushroom soup for dinner today and was pleasantly surprised!

Good luck :)


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HI Polly
The taste of all packets does not inspire I agree but as you go on, your taste definitely changes - now I love vanilla - its my favourite, I keep for when I am feeling most needy.

Soups - a mixed bunch, but nice and warm and filling at lunch time. I can't remember what flavour today's was ?

It helps me if I think of them as fuel - top the tank, taste irrelevant - Magic fat burning packets in action - its not for life and it works. There is a world of tastes out there waiting for the new slimmer, more confident, positive me.

Hi all, I am on day 3 and can't believe it!!! Have had soooo many false starts but seem to be in right place......I have shake about 12, soup after work about 5 and another shake about 8. My least favourite is tomato soup but I love the vanilla - isn't it funny how everyone has different tastes. I am hoping that everything gets easier tomorrow although today has seemed the hardest day - wher r you ketosis??
I start today! I've been reading every post possible to get as much info as possible- I love hearing everyones opinions of the foods, it seems like everyone favours different things! Anyone tried Yoga whilst doing the diet? I'm thinking of doing Yoga and using the exercise ball rather than going to the gym and doing a hard cardio-session like I used to.. Or should I wait til my body has relaxed into the diet first?


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Candy, I wouldn't do too much right away. Give your body the chance to get used to how little you are giving it ;) Good luck!
Me too Dextersmum, just about to walk my choccy lab now. Don't think I would have the energy for much more!
Am so proud and don't know how but I resisted all temptations at the beach last night. Hubby had delicious takeaway meal that I can't say the words but is very fattening and smells gorg with load of salt and vinegar!!!!! This is unheard of!!!
Well done Dextersmum! I can resist quite well but if someone had a takeaway close to me I think id start salivating and dribbling! Its the smell.. so tempting! Big well done =D Xx
Thank you candy, polishing my halo again tonight and no wine too!! Couldn't resist scales today and am very, very pleased but will wait until official weigh day on Monday to share my delight!
Just have to say this is soooo working xxx


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Well done for resisting! You deserve to have a great WI :)