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  1. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Hi Everyone
    Hope you all had a great xmas and New years start.

    Im already a member her and i joined on 11th Feb 2011 wieghing 14 stone 9lb.

    I had wieghed before that 16st 10lb

    Ive gradually lost that wieght at about a rate of 1 to 2 stone a year....better off than on... no matter how long it takes :)

    I have been stuck in the higher 12 stone area for 7 months and its time to kikc ass again.

    I was doing amazingly well in body and mind untill june last year and i got distracted but i cant and wont let that happen again.

    I watch my Mum and friends get older and slower and topple an some are heavy people. I am doing it for that reason more so than any. i want my independance for as long as i can keep it.

    Im sure may of you have some xmas wieght you want to lose, if you would like to hook up on here then post along with me.
    Im lucky to of obtained through the past years.

    Walking machine
    Fantastic Bike
    loose wieghts
    Digital skipping rope
    Biggest loser Shred DVD
    Running Casts and running gear.

    None of it is going to waste.

    I want to be healthy with the feeling of freedom running through my viens and mind like i reached last summer.

    My signature goals will remain the same

    My link is to the thread of which i lost well, but also lost sight well too.

    New begingings start here iveno posts to look back on and a blank canvas ahead.

    Some people are not so lucky.

    its late now so will post again as soon as possible

    LFM xx
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  3. Sweethearts

    Sweethearts Gold Member

    Hello LFM, well done on losing the weight you've lost so far :)
    Really hope this is a good year for you and you start feeling like you did last summer. Take care x x
  4. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Hiya Linzlinz

    I have a 3 month loss Challenge that i have now set myself.

    A 3 months LOSS challenge = 7lb a month
    to get down to 11 stone.

    I feel very empowered now by setting these figures and they are not unrealistic.

    Thank you for posting Linzlinz I will catch up in posts at a more reasonable hour :D lol.

    Take Care xx

  5. 7 lbs a month sounds like a great goal! And it's definitely better off than on, so congrats on what you've lost so far :)
  6. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    hellllooooo :)
    you can't hide from me for long hun x yes, here we go again lovey, new thread, new year, new you (and me!)..2012 is the year we are going to do it! :)
  7. Gemsaic

    Gemsaic Determined to be healthy

    Just dropped into your new thread....glad you are feeling inspired, we will do it this year guys!
  8. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Hello And thanks for the replys

    1st thing i need to do is change my internet access to pay asyou go again as i'm sat on that most days.

    Weather realy bad here fences don all over the place, imsooo yearning for my bike rides again. Regret stopping earlylast summer.

    Just realised i never put my wieght in my first post so will update on monday now.

    Have had a few naughties but mostly i'm at home with fruit ( banannas, apples, oranges) , natural yougurt, all bran, cupa soups and I add sweetcorn, tinned Mackrel and cream crackers. Boiled eggs.

    With this i get most vitamins and needs and no over loading. i pick at the fruit as much as i like while im training my belly it cant have what it wants when it wants and teaching it that helpings ar not all like christmas week lol

    Hope your all doing well XXX back soon xx
  9. Gemsaic

    Gemsaic Determined to be healthy

    Interesting post LFM , it sounds like you, me and Rose have the same ideas about cutting back a bit before launching into a new strict plan. It certainly helps and although I've been suffering with headaches from the sugar withdrawal I do feel a lot better and more in control of what I want to eat. When will I learn it's sugar that makes me overeat and crave?!

    Anyway sounds like things are settling down and I hope tummy gets the message soon x
  10. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Hope you're all fired up and raring to go now hun x..those monday weigh ins are tick tocking again for us all :)
  11. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Hi Gem and Rose

    I know i know Rose mondays coming im so excited....i must be mad, but relay looking forward to the challenge of it all again.

    Headaches Gem with Sugar i get quiet bads head anyway, and ive recently started cappuchinos that i have 5 sugars with, loads of tasty cheeses over xmas and choclate so none of which help that one bit.

    I didnt think of the sugar intake that i was having, but now you have mentioned it. Even though I was only doing it for a couple of weeks. (knowing i couldnt carry on) that intake would still need a come down. Im now having about 1 to 2 coffes a week and they will be gone by next week.

    Love it but it makes my head soooo bad.

    Same old adage what is bad for us is always sooo scrummmy.

    Were at a birthday bash last night so buffet food, tutt tutt. Still positive about tomorrow and the weeks ahead.

    With my bloke at the moment and Sunday lunch is smellling divine!...not sure it should the day before wiegh in lol.

    Have already made a start on the house with moving furniture around and emptying and sorting the dreaded drawers that haunt the subconciouse for months :)

    So ladies lets will catch up some time tomorrow , tick tock, best of luck xxhugs xx
  12. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    12st 10lb

    Morning Fellow fat busters.

    My new starting wieght is 12st 10lb, i was fighting the 9lb to 12lb area before xmas so im well!! chuffed.

    Very wobbly, flabby and the class of clapping children when I run up the stairs have been back for the past 8 weeks.

    So its movement and colorfull foods for me. Avoiding the sitting position at all times of the day is my goal.

    My sleep is my bad side though sometimes 5am and then my day starts at 1!

    Exercise helped that before hopefully it will again.

    So good luck anyone reading, off out for a munch today with mum, will be a ceaser salad or a jacket spud for me folks.

    Will post again soon
    Bye for now XXX
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  13. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    morning, all motivated and raring to go i it!!!! :)

    now lets watch those lbs melting off together hun x
  14. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Morning Hun always Nice to see you Rose I will pop in again soon xxx
  15. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Morning Fat busters.

    Had breakfast
    Cupa soup and a Bannana.

    We Went for the meal with my mum yesterday whos 80 and she fell down a step.
    Luckily shes like an OX and seems fine?? and there me an emotional wreck!, she puts me to shame at times.

    The step was the same wood as the floor with no sign of a raise, and the place was dim lighted so all in all not a great set up.

    The day didnt get any better after and the 9th of Jan 2012 was one of the worse days i've had in a long time. So ive written it off for good, it no longer exists.

    ANYWAY....Soooo the Up side is i got on the scales and ive lost 2lb 6oz over night.

    I have no dout what so ever that if you want to lose wight stick your self in the centre of an emotional tummble dryer:rolleyes:

    Pop your head under the bed covers and come up for air , water and cup a soups.

    Im having a recovery day in bed, but may be a bath in a bit and brave the cold for a bike ride. have to see how the head is feels like ive been kicked by a horse.

    Hope anyone reading is well and doing ok Not wieghing again now till Monday that was just a sneak peek :) XX
    Last edited: 10 January 2012
  16. slimsarah

    slimsarah Silver Member

    Hello :) Sounds like you're moving in the right direction. I have an official weigh in every monday but cant seem to resist popping on the scales every single day at the moment haha xxx Good Luck xxx

    P.S Writing that day off sounds like a good idea. Positivity all the way xxx
  17. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Hiya Sarah
    Welcome to Minimins ive been here a year almost and its given me a fantastic support system.

    Wieghing everyday is good to get a grips with how your body reacts to certain foods and then you know how to push your limits when you want a treat.

    After a while thou it can do the oppositte and get repressive so keep an eye on how it makes you feel. Negative on this mission is no good. We need Postive positive positive.

    Good luck xx
  18. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Evening all
    Todays foods

    Cupa soup and bannana
    2 x Plates of bacon chunks with onion and red pesto.
    4 cream crackers with apple sauce ( my treat of the day)
    Tin of Tuna with 5 cream crackers.
    1 Apple

    3 glasses of water and 4 cups of tea.

    Sorted tha my dongle can go to PAYG from the 12th, which is great as i will only be popping into here and checking my emails.

    Next decision is!!... do i get rid ofmy sofa, drastic measure i know but if its there it gets sat on, laid on and i could be doing so many other things....blood uncomfortable thing it is anyway and i find while im sitting on the floor im stretching and rolling around bitlike yoga.

    Just had a do nothing day...on the sofa...still very exhausted mentaly. My heads dizzy and im just going to laze about untill it passes been here before and thats the only way forward, accept it dont be ashamed of it and rest it off.

    Then im on a mission of life and body improvement.

    Just had a bath and in bed now so catch up tomorrow.
  19. RainbowRose

    RainbowRose Gold Member

    Have a good day lovey, sounding in the zone and upbeat, well done :)

    have you made a decision on sofa yet? to sofa heaven or not? ;)
  20. lookingforme

    lookingforme Wnats to feel ALIVE again

    Morning Rose
    How are you today.

    Ive just emerged fom my pit, its about the norm for me when like this. Im going down to a little spot where i go in the summer, I can get a cup of tea and watch the world go by.

    I will be a tad cold but im going to put layers on. Thefresh air will be good and hopefully i will come back even more healed. Then i can get on with some type of organisation in my home! lol

    I cant see the carpet in my bedroom, so that would be agood start me thinks:D

    Fully focused on the bad food diversion, im in this zone now and im looking forward to the scales going down!.

    Ive Been stuck in "limbo" far to long!, dont know what i was thinking.

    Sofa may have to stay just a tad longer as i cant afford the bean bags or hammock that i want to replace it with.

    I have an idea thou all he stuff on my bedroom floor i could put on the sofa LOL:D:D

    Off to have a quick catch up and have you heard from LA at all??

  21. KateR

    KateR Gold Member

    I love the idea of a hammock in my lounge... altho i doubt my housemate would be happy if i removed all her too expensive to be of any use furniture!! hehe

    Enjoy watching the world go by. I used to do that from the window of a coffee shop in manchester! Crazy some of the creatures that walked past that window!

    Kate x

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