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  1. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi all I'm starting this diet tomorrow i got weighed tonight and have all my stuff ready to go looking forward to it actually, fed up of being all hot in this weather.
    I have 13 weeks till my holiday so have set myself a mini target of 3stone by then so a stone a month.
    Heres to the countdown and the pounds dropping off
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  3. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

    Hiya, I'm also starting tomorrow!

    I have a ball in six weeks so my first target is 1 stone by then which 'should' get me into a dress I can wear.
    Four weeks later I go on a caravan holiday so hope to have lost 7 pounds by then as I'll work up a few steps as I'll need the entire week of the holiday off.
    Four weeks after that I go on holiday so hoping for a stone.

    So it sounds like we aren't that far away from each other in terms of goals and dates either :)

    Good luck tomorrow, I'm enjoying my last meal tonight (with no carbs) ready for the water onslaught tomorrow!

    Hope you have a really great first day tomorrow!
  4. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Thanks im just having my last meal now too ready for tomorrow wow u got a lot of things on you should easily do 1 stone in 6 weeks good luck with your first day also lets hope this time tomorrow we will be both on here saying its not going too bad :)
  5. Ruthlet

    Ruthlet Wants to be a loser!

    Hello ladies. Good luck with SS tomorrow!

    I am starting on Wednesday with 5 stone to shift. I will SS+ only because I can't bear tea or coffee without milk.

    Bring on the water!
  6. fguerrache

    fguerrache New Member

    today is my first day i got whighed yesterday sunday the 19 of may my goal is to loose 6 stones i am looking for support and buddy my first day today was not that bad but i am making my soup now, feeling very tired
  7. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Welcome along both and hope you are both getting on ok :) it's a super diet, and the results speak for themselves

    Current loss: 17lbs and 12 inches
  8. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Hi all thanks for replying we can all help each other just having my first shake now, i have done this diet before and lost just under 5st in 12 weeks but it was same old same old u think u can do it by yourself then it all goes belly up and i have now put on all that i lost and more good luck to us all seems like we all have similar goals in weight loss although i possibly have a bit more i want to lose at least 8/9 all together :) we can do this
  9. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

    Morning all! I've started SS+ today (have to have milk in tea)

    First shake of the day was just as nice as I remember...I'm going to try more variety this time as I used to have 3 choc shake and 1 choc bar a day, which was great as it meant I didn't have to think about it, but I'm going to try to mix it up a bit as it's summer. This is my fifth attempt (but six of the eight stones I lose originally have stayed off) but I'm determined to reach my goals and they aren't beyond ridiculous either so should allow for a week or two of no weight loss due to ovulation/TOTM etc.

    Had a tea and half a litre of water so far. I'll be looking forward to my bath tonight when the family are eating spag bol :)
  10. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Hello everyone, i am a lurker!!!!! Lol been on this diet before, i started a few week ago , but this week i am really knuckling down to do it 100%, i am off on holiday in just under 12 weeks and i too would like to shift 3st,,,, or at least 2.7st, and the only way thats going to happen is stick to the diet with no cheating !!! Feeling very positive this week !!!! Good luck everyone !! X
  11. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Glad your both sounding very positive! Distraction is key to start with and baths are my fave distraction too

    Current loss: 17lbs and 12 inches
  12. juliebags

    juliebags Silver Member

    Baths and going to bed early lol xx, oooh and walking , so i'm not in the house near food !!
  13. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Haha I can walk but only when there are shops about lol

    Current loss: 17lbs and 12 inches
  14. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Well first day done on the diet so far so good but had stinkin headache dont remember it being this bad last time :) 6 days to go till first weigh in and 12 weeks 5 days till holidays not that I'm counting hahaha hope u all had good first day and still on it like a car bonnet
  15. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Well done hun! Glad you've done week today and you're feeling strong!

    Current loss: 22lbs and 15.5 inches
  16. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Morning all day 2 for me and im feeling good so say just having my choc mint shake before work then got my whisper beaker for in work will prob have strawberry one today only thing i dont like about it is its still bit chalky doesnt mix like a proper mixer :-( had 3 litres of water yesterday and hoping for the same today i will slosh while i walk. Good luck for all today lets get this one done too :)
  17. Tiggemma

    Tiggemma Silver Member

    Well done on the first day completed. Once the headache goes you'll be feeling amazing! I always make my shakes up with at least double the water they recommend so it's not chalky. Enjoy today.
  18. Artyjoe

    Artyjoe Regular Member

    Well done on day 2! I'm doing well so far, tried the cappucino flavour tonight which was nice. Not doing as well as you on the water front got another two large glasses until I hit two litres...going to be peeing all night no doubt!

    My CDC was lovely today and confident, she's also restarted today and we are nearly the same weight so that will be good to do it together. Got a few things this weekend but am trying to focus on getting there first...normally I get the bad headaches by day 5 so that will be a challenge this weekend - I'll get stocked up on Nurofen.

    Have a good evening and speak on day 3! :)
  19. evi1ang3l

    evi1ang3l Full Member

    Almost at the end of day 2 and i took my before pics last night and OMG i will never be that big again in my life if i can help it. I have been in serious denial over how i looked but soon I will not be i will be healthier and happier and wont get mistaken for shamou on the beach :)
  20. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    That really keeps you motivated! Take measurements too!

    Current loss: 22lbs and 15.5 inches
  21. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member

    End of day 2 - well done, seriously well done.

    Soon it'll be day 3.... then 4.... then 5 and beyond.

    You've started, you can do it

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