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Starting 2mrow - need lots of support, help

S: 11st10lb C: 9st4lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 2st6lb(20.73%)
Hi everybody.. I have been visiting this forum for the last 1 week and decided to try the LT diet. I am going to start it from 2mrow. Over the past 4 years i have slowly moved into the overweight category & my pregnancy did itz bit as well. I have lost my self confidence & lately i hate to look at myself at the mirror. My partner too has started throwing hints that I am not like what he loved to look at.. Everywhere I go I seem to keep getting comments that I have put on weight. I feel silly & useless :cry:This past week of reading your posts has helped me to make this start. Looking to lots of support from you guys. Whenever I feel like stepping out of the diet, I ll come down here for help :sigh: Am 11 stone now for 5'4". My goal is to lose 3 stones in 8 weeks & my pharmacist thinks that itz achievable. Will keep you guys posted on how it goes.. Dont know why, but am so worried that I cant keep up to it and will once again shatter my confidence.. Catch u guys 2mrow evening with my progress!!

Starting on 13/04/2008 Weight - 158 pounds
Goal weight - 116 pounds
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Hello and a big welcome hun! Your description of how you feel is just about how all of us have felt at the beginning of this jouney!! thats exactly how i felt i hated to look at myself, was really disgusted and angry at myself for getting that way but now....i bloody love the mirror lol
Good luck hun and everybody is very helpful and supportive here, keep us posted xxx
you know i really f****** hate being told as the first thing people say, oh you need to lose weight.
As if thats what defines you. I hate to say it but people get judged on their weight. I get judged on it all the time. Even though i am a member of mensa and have an IQ of 152 people treat me like a moron now that i am overweight and it really drives me up the wall.
You know im on my first day right now and all i can say is that the results of others are plain to see.
All you have to do is stick to the diet and it will do it, that is clear as others have done it. So stick to the forum and do the diet properly. My mind set at the moment is to just get on with things and let the diet happen. i like talking about it on here but most of the time im thinking about the clothes i will fit into and getting back to being really fit and healthy as opposed to obsessing about food all the time.

Best of luck to you. I know its hard and i feel like a second class citizen myself but stick at it and you will be thin. The most important aspect is your health will improve and thats a really good reason to do this. Id focus on that rahter than any ideas of the idiots that judge you.


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S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
hey sakthi welcome on board.. as Tracy said your story is so familiar to us all which I think helps being on here, because you arent alone! the best advice I can give you is drink the water and keep an eye on the forums... if you have any wobbling bits (which Ive had) post it on here and we will all help you to get through them!!

best of luck and keep us posted xx


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Hi Sakthi. I've been on LT for only 2 weeks, but can honestly say it's not been as difficult as I thought, and I felt very scared when I started day 1. I didn't know how I was going to survive the day, let alone the week. I felt sad reading your post, because your confidence is so low, and you aren't that overweight! I bet you look very attractive on the outside but on the inside you feel awful. And the comments about you putting on weight don't help either. People can be so rude! As mart1977 says, you are much more than "your weight".

My advice would be, take it one day at a time, come on the forum once a day, and get as much positive support as you can. And do it for yourself, not those nosey parkers who think they have the right to comment on how you look! Good luck xx
:) i agree with whats been said up to now ... i hated people mentioning i had put on weight or that i was" a big girl..." gettin a right little pudding arent you".. and my "friend " giving me her clothes that were too big for her ... nice (they went in the bin)! its horrid .. hubby same too .. "didnt marry you fat and no i dont fancy you the same now "(he will eat his words you betcha!) ... etc etc... this diet is a toughie but if you are determined you can and will do it .. i have been on it for just over 4 weeks and lost one and a half stone!! which is great ... i am also 5.4 and want to be 10 stone.. you will do it in no time so go for it girl! we have all been there ..keep browsing the forum it is a MASSIVE help to all of us ... you aint on your own sakthi... good luck! :) sharon.. xx
First let me say , your OH is not being very nice , second programe your mind to slim your body , i guess it will be hard if you have never done VLCD before , but just think the results are faster . You can do it
hi sakthi! Your situation sounds exactly like mine. put on weight over the months and then final blow was all the pregnancy weight. Im also 5.4" and weighed 11 stone 3 days ago. Yes, i started lipo on thursday and this morn weighed myself and im down to 10.6. Cant believe it only in 3 days. It certainly can be done. start with a positive start tomorrow and keep me posted. x
hI Sakthi, nice to have you here, same old story for all of us, you will do good, just stick at it and go for it, post on here when your a bit down or struggling and there is always someone to pick you up.
Good Luck


Back again - hey ho!
Hiya Sakthi hunny, stop beating yourself up, you've made the biggest jump towards giving one almighty V's up to all the so & so's who make derogatory comments, so even that should make you bloody proud of yourself.
You'll feel so enthusiastic by the results you get on even the first week, that you'll want to keep going. And remember, you are doing this for you, and the well being of your body, and the end result will be Brrrrrilliant! :D Chin up, and go at it with some attitude hun.
This forum is brilliant, and there are some wonderfull people on here who'll help you all the way if you need it :) xxx

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