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Starting a class?


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Hi there,

I'm pretty new to slimming world. My mum has done it really successfully and gave me all her books so I started up 4 days ago and I'm really enjoying it so far.

Only problem is I'm doing it on my own (except for the help of everyone on here!) and I'm thinking about joining up to a local SW group. I only moved to where I live now 2 months ago and as I work from home I haven't made any friends yet or even attempted a social life so I think it would be good for multiple reasons. Bit scary going on my own though :(

I was just wondering if you've got all the books already how much it is to start up? I'm on a really limited budget. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!


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I dont know for certain but i would think you would have to pay the full joining fee whether you have the books or not. But i am sure someone here will know for deffinate.
It's half price membership right now, so total to pay now would be £9.95 on the first night. £5 for membership and the £4.95 weekly fee.
and it really is worth going to class for a few reasons . It does give you more motivation to do well if you know someone will be weighing you , you will be able to buy the recipe books and SW magasine at good prices from class , you will meet loads of people and the online SW site is invaluable for syn values , healthy extra help and recipes , the book dont contain mch info now .
Good luck and I hope you enjoy class :)
I think you'd still have to pay the joining fee, but a little birdy told me that in the issue of bella magazine from 1st october will have a voucher in it so all you have to pay is the £4.95 weekly fee :)


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Thanks to all of you for the advice! I've done my research and I'm going this tuesday :) exciting times... just gotta get over the nerves.

Thank you all once again!

Why don't you join and put your old books on eBay once you have the new set! That will pay for you membership!

Good luck I've been doing it on my own and am gonna just do it and join this tues! Xx


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Hi everyone, just wanted to a say huge, huge thank you for all your advice.

Just got back from my first class and I'm so happy that I went. Everyone was so lovely and welcoming, felt like I got all nervous for nothing! It's really motivated me to do better and I'm looking forward to next week already.

Thank you once again, the support is greatly appreciated :) Definitely think joining this forum was a good idea!



I see the light!
just wanted to say really well done on going to the class, I know how daunting it can be. When them pounds start slipping away, and you start getting comments about the loss, just you watch your confidence rise - you are fab, remember that!

Helen xxx

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