Starting a new Weight Watchers Journey! Any advice??? xx

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  1. hattiecdm

    hattiecdm New Member

    Hey Everyone!

    I joined minimins today as I going to attempt to shift the weight AGAIN! And I am hoping I can find some support here. I am going to my first WW class tonight! I have already done in a weigh in at home as I signed up online and had to put in my weight, which came up at 14'11!! I am hoping to get down to 11'7! I will not be starting the diet until tomorrow, as I am off to the supermarket straight after my class to ensure I get all the right foods!

    I've tried various diets before loosing various amounts of weight but I always loose my passion and end up putting it back on! Ive done Slimming World, Celebrity Slim, Slimfast and more! But this time I am hoping WW will keep me motivated. I am going with a friend so we can push each other along!!

    I'm starting off with Simple Start! Does anyone have any advice??

    Thanks in advance love H xxx
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  3. SlimmingKitchen

    SlimmingKitchen Gold Member

    Evening Hun
    Welcome to WW :)
    I only joined a month ago and really enjoying it. I switched from SW as the weight stopped coming off but I lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks doing WW.

    I find planning ahead helps me the most and keeping in loads of low ProPoint treats.

    If you're starting Simple Start just make sure you have a good shop and stock up with everything you like from the list and you can't go wrong really.

    Good luck

    Stacey xx

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  4. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Welcome Hattie :) How are you getting on with the Plan? X

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