Starting again. 7 weeks until Christmas!!!

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  1. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Hello lovely people.

    where do I start? I'll introduce myself i guess. Well I was always the fat kid in school, grew up, lost weight, put it back on, lost weight put it back on, lost weight, put it back on etc etc etc, so the cycle repeated itself.

    i am sick of this constant yo yo ing, sick of the way I feel and look and sic of the fact I have a wardrobe full of clothes virtually none of which I can wear.

    I'm 32 years old, am very happily married. I was a member of this forum earlier in the year and the buddies I had on thread were all doing soooooo well with each others support, unfortunately I left to undergo a few rounds of IVF which failed, and due to various factors I am now at home 4 weeks post op from a total hystorectomy. I have the dreaded 'swells belly' you get after any abdominal surgery, but on top of that my weight has gone back up ( which it had before surgery) and I am heavier than I have been in years and subsequently more depressed about it than I have been in years. I keep thinking there are only 7 weeks until Christmas (yikes) and unless I do something now things will only get worse as I get heavier and heavier.

    so, I'm looking for buddies to share their weight loss journeys with me so that by Christmas we can all be feeling and looking better regardless of how much or how little we have to loose. I'm sure we can all relate to the constant feelings of self loathing, frustration, lack of confidence that comes with carrying excess weight and I know that by sharing experiences and encouraging others on this site that it makes things much easier and helps the journey along the way.

    looking forward to loosing weight with you all :553:
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  3. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    Hi Becca,well no doubt about it you have gone through it haven't you. Support is here in abundance for you and xmas will hopefully see not only a lighter version of you weight wise but also mentally too. All the best sue:gen126:
  4. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Thank you sue. Yep, it's certainly been an eventful year or so, still, it can only get better :). Have noticed our stats and goals are virtually the same :). Wishing you lots of luck too xx
  5. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    So they are Becca, game on I reckon,whadya think lol
  6. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    I think we can do it together lovely :) xx
  7. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    My WI is fri....cos it means I usually have a treat fri night. I will let you know how it goes. Good luck hon and chin up:hug99:
  8. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Hi Becca , it's good to see you back again. Don't worry you'll soon be feeling well again and lose that "jelly belly"
    I speak from experience.
    Count me in as one of your buddies again and I'm sure others will join along the way.

    I too am heavier than when we were posting early in the year, it's soooo damned hard.
    I can't believe that I have put 2 of the 6 stone I lost back on. It needs to stop here and NOW.

    We can do it together with help from all the others on here.

    I will have my WI day as Wednesday as that was my WI day when I went to WW all those years ago.
    ould like to lose 7lb for Xmas, I'm not going to be too ambitious.

    So glad I got back in touch with you.

    Welcome to Scoobysue, glad to meet you.

    Luv Ang X

  9. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Morning ladies,

    Scoobysue, Ange I can't wait to see how we'll we've all done by Christmas. It's not always easy is it but I'm sure with each others support we can get there:).

    Don't be too hard on yourself Ange about putting weight back on, I've been hating myself because I've done the same, but have figured this is a new start and its time to loo forward now. The important thing is what we do from now on, what's happened I the past can't be changed but we can put it right. Did you weigh I this morning by the way or are you just starting fresh?

    Scoobysue , what do we call you? :). Is it sue? How are you finding ww? How much have you lost so far?

    I think I will keep my weigh in day as a Tuesday as its when I started.

    Looking forward to our successes ladies :) xxxxx
  10. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Afternoon all,

    It's so good to have others to talk to in this weight loss slog. Hope you are both behaving yourselves

    I weighed myself yesterday Becca and will keep that as my starting weight so will get weighed again next Wednesday.
    I've been out for a round of golf this morning, the ground was so muddy and it made walking hard work soooo I hope that
    made me burn up more points than it normally would. I was in a competition and got beat so I need some good result from the game !!
    I'm trying to keep to 19/20 points a day as I am only 4' 11'' and can't have too many. I've had 7 points up to now and worked out that dinner will be 6 points so that leaves me 6/7 points for supper and snacks.
    Its hard cutting back down isn't it when you've let yourself eat what you want for a while?
    Tomorrow will be a problem for me as I have my Grand daughter after school and we always bake so I'll try to save some points for a piece of cake as I can't not have any , the smell of baking cakes is too much to not give in

    How are you doing Scoobysue? How many points do you stick too or are you doing Pro points?
    I lost all my weight around 5 years ago doing the old system Discovery points so I'm sticking with what I know.

    Think we'll do it this time Becca

    Good luck
    Ang x

  11. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    Hi Both, i'm doing pp's but did originally get to goal on old ones but crept up from 11.5 to 12.1. These pp's took a bit of getting used to but getting gthere now and I am 8lbs down but I have set myself a much lower goal this time around and I am doing it independently so to speak. And by the way Sus/Sue is fine:)
  12. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Morning ladies,

    How are you both today?

    Sue, we'll done for loosing 8lbs, woop woop to you :). I did read the pro points books but couldn't get my head around it so decided to stick to what I know. In all fairness I'm not a big fruit or veg eater ( bad I know) so think the old points system suits me best and I know it works for me. Saying that I know quite a few people that have lost LOADS with prop points. If you can stick to it I think both WW plans are fantastic :). Keep up the good work.

    I always find the first few weeks the hardest, once I start to see results my motivation is much higher but in the beginning I really struggle. I've done ok since Tuesday though, I find if I plan my food the night before it helps to keep me on track.

    Ange, good morning lovely. Good luck with the baking later too, what a challenge. You can have a bit of anything on the plan though as long as you count it, I know it can be hard stopping a little bit though :).

    My stumbling block this week will be Sunday. My dad is ex RAF so we're watching him on parade on Sunday, then the RAF pals and their wives etc all go for a carvery after. My problem will be if they have Chocolate fudge cake on the menu, I just can't say no to it. So the question is, do I have a small lunch and chocolate fudge cake, or do I just avoid all together. Bearing in mind everyone has dessert!! On the other hand I have been saving 2 / 3 points a day, and whenever we have a carvery I don't generally eat for the rest of the day. Ladies, what do I do, eek!!!

    Sue, have you got any triggers or challenges coming up? How do you keep up the motivation or do you struggle with it ?

    Ange, can I ask a personalish question, after your op did you find you could wear normal clothes or was it too painful on your stomach, I'm finding I'm living in leggings because they don't put pressure on my stomach and they grow with my belly as it swells during the day. I've tried a pair of tights and a pair of trousers but I'm having to squeeze into them and I just feel so bruised I can't take it. ( my husband is soooooo patient, I tried 10 dresses on in stains burns the other night to find one that would fit over my belly, only 1 was any good, I had a next delivery yesterday, again only 1 dress fitted and looked ok, and I have 2 more deliveries coming today from other places. I am desperately trying to find things to fit as I'm back in work in 2 weeks. Hubby hasn't grumbled or complained once -yet :) )

    Anyway ladies, hope you bot have a fab day

    Lots of love xxxx
  13. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Afternoon ladies,

    Well I was really good yesterday and had 18 pts, along with the golf for exercise. Today I've only had 7 points so far as trying to save some for the baking. Don't know what we're making yet as Laura decides when she gets here. Sooo it could be anything from Choc fudge cake, cookies, cupcakes, peppermint cream sweets to bread !!! I really need my points for then as I cannot resist any of them. I've made some butternut and ginger soup for my evening meal though as its point free so here's hoping I can stick within my points.

    Hi Sue, I haven't tried pro points as I have been put off by others saying they stayed the same or gained on it, but if you've lost 8 lb on it it must work. How long did it take to lose that and is there anywhere on line that I can look at the plan ? Hope you haven't set your goal too low, I get disheartened if my goal is too far away so tend to have small goals to get to the b[SIZE=3]ig one...if that makes sense

    Hi Becca, I know how it feels with the swollen tummy and soreness but from my nursing background I would say that a lot wen[SIZE=3]t on in the inside of your tummy during surgery[SIZE=3]. Your muscles will have been disected [SIZE=3]to reach your uterus and there will still be inflamation inside [SIZE=3]your body. The healing process isa slow procedure[SIZE=3], the inflamation will cause swelling so as your insides heal the swelling will diminish....honestly. [SIZE=3]Were you cut on your tummy during sugery or was it done the "other [SIZE=3]" way? Sorry if that's too personal[SIZE=3], don't answer if you don't want. I think that you are [SIZE=3]doing really well if you are only 4 weeks post op. Give it time and buy a few things in a bigger size til your swelling goes...and it will especially when you get back to work and you are mobilising more as your muscles will tighten up a bit more.[SIZE=3] Tell your hubby I think he's a gem.
    As for your carvery a[SIZE=3]fter your Dad's parade I'd miss out on things like roast potatoes an[SIZE=3]d yorkshire puds, fill up on veg , have chicken rather than red meat, not much gravy and the[SIZE=3]n enjoy your choc fudge cake. If you do [SIZE=3]go over your points then just cut back for the next few days. BUT ENJOY, i[SIZE=3]t's only once a year that we have Remember[SIZE=3]ance Day and your Dad deserves his daughter enjoying herself on that day.....Lecture over

    Hope you both have a good day
    Speak tomorrow


  14. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow Sue
    Luv Ang x
  15. scoobysue

    scoobysue Silver Member

    1lb off for me:winner:so well pleased. I also did the old points for a while before we went onto pp's. They took a fair bit of getting used to but i definetly find them easier now. Its 9lb now in one month which ok isn't a huge loss but as I don't eat vegetables which bulk out a lot of meals I am pleased. I have set myself a "low" goal weight simply because I know from past experience I get complacent the closer I get so........ I will see what I'm happy with as the weight continues to come off. Good luck ladies this week, hope you enjoyed your baking treat yesterday Ang. And Becca I'm with Ang for Remembrance Sunday. Enjoy the day with your Dad. x
  16. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Mornin' ladies

    Well done Sue on your 1lb loss this week. What do you mean 9lb is not a lot to lose in a month !!!!! I'd give my left leg to lose 9lb in a month....well actually my left leg weighs a hell of a lot more than 9 lb but you know what I mean.

    Hope you found something to fit in your clothes delivery Becca. But just think of the good feeling if you bought something in the next size up and in a couple of weeks it flogged you !!

    Well I managed to only eat 1/2 of a choc fudge muffin (besides licking the spoon a few times ) and 2 small bread rolls out of the baking we did. I sent most of the finished products home with Laura and am going to force feed my hubby with what's left today. My neighbour came out of hospital last week so I am going over for a cuppa with her this afternoon so will take a muffin with me for her.

    :angel09:I thin[SIZE=3]k I stuck to my points yesterday but it's hard to work out the points value of home made stuff.
    Here's what I had
    Home made muesli (Hai[SIZE=3]ry Dieters recipe and delish) 3pts
    WW yogurt 0.5pts
    BNS Soup (Free)
    2 home made bread rolls 4pts ?
    [SIZE=3]1[/SIZE]/2 home made ch[SIZE=3]oc fudge muffin 5pts ?
    2 pink and white[SIZE=3]s [SIZE=3]1pt
    spoon licking [SIZE=3]2pts ?
    apple [SIZE=3]0.5pts
    orange 0.5pts
    Milk allowance 1.5pts
    18 pts

    Hope I'm right with the home made calculations but these last 2 nights I've gone to bed not feeling yucky and it was lovely

    Hope you both have a good day
    Luv Ang x[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  17. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Hi ladies

    How are you both today?

    Well done sue, I agree wit Ange 9 lbs is AMAZING, keep up the good work, you'll be at goal before you know it :). I understand about the veg, I'm really not a big veg eater either, peas potatoes are about my limit unless I'm out and I will force a few others down.

    Ange, your diary looks good Hun, well done on being strong with the baking, that must have been hard. The only thing though if yo have a points calculator double check the yoghurt cos I got them coming up at 1 point each ( that was on the vanilla and toffee ones though). Oh, in answer to your other post, it was about. 10-12 cm incision along my bikini line. The clothes delivery though I have to say was hopeless. I did find one dress but its a summer one and won't be worn until next year but on the other hand it was less than half price and I'd had my eye o it when it was full price so that's something. I've got one more dress being delivered to our M & S store and 2 coming from eBay so am hoping they'll be ok.

    Had a very expensive day yesterday. Have you ladies heard of Rockfield DIY?. We have a big store here in Hereford and they are closing so have reduced everything by 50 - 70% so we popped there as hubby was off. Well £230 later and a car crammed to the roof we came home with a 3 cylinder gas BBQ ( reduced from £389 to £149), a vax carpet cleaner a wash basket and lots of Christmas bits, we were only going for a look as I was seriously getting cabin fever. Is it just me or do we all end up spending more when hubby comes out with us?

    Before I forget sue, I know you don't like veg ( as I don't) but I do make a soup which is delicious and I can honestly say doesn't have that horrible veggie taste strangely. I use 1/2 onions, a whole butternut squash, about 5/6 large carrots, boil it all up purée it with some Worcester sauce and enjoy. And it's point free ( on discovery anyway, don't know if it will have a value on pro points).

    Well ladies, I have a date with day time tv and I might treat myself to a stroll over to tesco, how very exciting, my first time out alone. ( I really live the high life :)).

    Speak to you both soon xxx
  18. soontobeslim2009

    soontobeslim2009 Full Member

    Hi Ladies,

    Is it ok if I join you. I am starting back today and will be weighed on Monday's.

    I am so depressed with the way I look that it is making me I'll. I have been up and down with my weight over the last 10 years, but for the last four years after the birth of my son I have more or less stayed at the same weight. I am still a stone over my pre baby weight and I was already 4 stone over weight when I became pregnant.

    I really need to lose this excess weight now as I have had enough.

    Good luck to you all.

  19. Becca1507

    Becca1507 Full Member

    Hi deb

    Welcome, of course you can join us :). I'm certain Ange and sue will be only to pleased to welcome you too.

    You poor thing, I know exactly how it feel to be depressed about the way you look and more importantly feel about yourself (as we all do I'm sure). It is so hard but we're all here to support and encourage each other and hopefully together we can help each other and ourselves :). I know it's easy to say but chin up lovely, just think this is the start of a new you and in 6 very short months time we will all feel and look so much better. Draw a line under the past and focus on how amazing you will feel once you start to see the pounds drop off. Big hug.

    Becca xx
  20. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Wow. Thanks for that Becca. I've just checked WW toffee yogurt and they are 1 pt. When the package had old points on it always said 0.5 pts so I assumed that was right. I'll know to check in future ?

    Luv Ang x
  21. ang2252

    ang2252 Silver Member

    Welcome Deb, look forward to getting to know you.
    Stick with us and together we'll lose that damned weight.
    Are you doing WW old points or the propoints? Me and Becca are on the old Discovery system but Sue is on Propoints.

    I lost 6 stone about 5 years ago on the Discovery points but over the past 2 years have put 2 stone back on soooo hereI go again !!!
    I'm keeping to the system I know best but do find that I stick to it better when I come onto here each day and 'fess up if I need to.

    Good luck and welcome again

    Luv Ang x

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