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Starting Again.... TODAY!! :)


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This morning i was due to get weighed by my Councillor but i phoned her yesterday and told her i didn't want to get weighed as my result was not going to help me get back on track as i haven't been good since my last weigh in 2wks ago!

My friend is going to go along and pick up my 2wk supply of Tetras for me as i have to sit in and wait for a guy to come out and fix my washing machine (which i've been without for over a week :/ don't want to miss him,lol!) Worst of all, it's ANYTIME between 9-5.30!!

Yesterday was my worst day as i ate RUBBISH ALL day!!! :( I've woke up this morning feeling REALLY TERRIBLE!

My plan is to use this thread for one week to help get me back on track. Hopefully by tonight when i post, i'll be feeling much better :)
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Good luck xxx
Good luck and have a great day.

I hope the repair man comes early so you can get yourself out and busy so you can try and take your mind of things.


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Good luck. I'm on day 3 of my restart and am proud of myself. You can do it!


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Well you should be well into day 1 by now.
Hope it is all going well for you.



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Hi Feathers hun,

Well I was gonna come on here with my butt kicking boots on BUT I have to save them for me as Ive gone and bloody eaten!



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Thanks to everyone here for your messages of great support :) Believe me, i needed each and every one of them,lol!

Well, i have managed to get through my first day! I did have thoughts of eating but when i remembered how i felt when i woke up this morning, i reached for my water... quickly!! I really did feel so awfull this morning!

I've had 2 hot chocs and a choc icecream along with 6pts of water throughout the day. When my friend went to pick up my Tetras this morning, my Councillor said to her,lol, "Some people will do anything to get out of getting weighed!" lol! Worst of it is, the guy had to take away my drum (inside washing machine) and so now i have to wait on a third phone call!!!

Jools, i know you won't give up and you'll keep trying babe ;)

Bring on Day 2 !


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Day 2 !

Hey Bailey! Your into Day 4 right? How's it going?

I know i'm not in ketosis as i'm thinking of reasons to have something to eat! :( Yes i'm hungry! Don't like myself right now as i'm feeling weak. I'm hoping that when i wake up tomorrow i'll be in ketosis so i can stop thinking of food,lol!

I can't concentrate on anything right now. I'm going to turn off my computer and hope to hell i don't eat anything during BB :/


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On my way out the door but wanted to just post that i DIDN'T have anything to eat last night after all!lol! Feeling better today so hopefully i'm back in ketosis? Bye bye for now :)


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morning hunni

Sounds like you are doing really really well.

Keep at it as you know you can do it!



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Hi everyone :)

Thankyou for your messages xx

I'm really happy as i'm on Day 5 now and i feel really GREAT!! It took up till Day 4 (yesterday) before i felt stronger and more confident about not touching food. It's really terrible that food can make you feel that horribly weak though :(

I'm going to have a look at the other threads now.

(Feathers waves to all ;)


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well done feathers!, Its always easy first time round, I sailed through it without temptation, but started today and bored already, BUT the stronger and more disciplined I am the quicker it will go, well done sweet

sue x

Good luck on your journey for your wedding donna x


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Donna - thanks babe :) your not kidding! I honestly didn't realise how difficult a restart of this diet would be, even although Jools had warned me! I'll feel better once i get past Day 7 though.... will i get there?

How are you doing Donna? I read ALL of your "98 day challenge" thread (15 pages is it?) and thought wow! It's full of very supportive people :) Are you back on track? I have Pizza Fingers sitting in my kitchen right now and their nice and warm..... ready for the bin as my son didn't want them :( Normally i would just eat them!! Would one do any harm? lol! ;)


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use the washing up liquid method!! squirt squirt squirt!! i'm going to have to get a bottle or two in myself so i can't eat leftovers!!

abz xx

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