Starting Cambridge (USA)


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I ordered my Cambridge USA shakes; 2 weeks worth (to try it out) I got their rich vanilla and dutch chocolate flavors.
I hope that it is good.

I should have them by early next week (I think Tues) so I will let you all know how I'm getting on with it and how the usa shakes taste.

Wish me well! :)
welcome cait and good luck

on the subject of USA cambridge, does anyone know if the packs etc are of the same nutritional content/cals/protein as the uk ones?

as i spend half my time in each place id love to be able to just keep a local stock in each house instead of having to transport it thru customs every time i go back and forth.
Good luck Cait! We're all here cheering you along so keep us posted on how you're doing :)
Hello Cait

Really glad you decided to give Cambridge a try! Will be watching out to see how it is going.
It's great that we are starting to get people from far off places on here! :)

Good luck with your journey Cait! Our shakes in the UK are faaaab! So I hope you enjoy urs!
on the subject of USA cambridge, does anyone know if the packs etc are of the same nutritional content/cals/protein as the uk ones?

I don't know, so sorry there. I do know that the whole diet is quite different. For example, you are only allowed to SS for two weeks maximum!

After that you need to add 400 calories of extra food. I think......
Hi Ya

There are quite a few people selling the USA packs online for the same price as doing the Cambridge Diet here but the packaging is different etc. I heard that it was different as well. I think there was someone who was a bit silly and SSed the whole way through Cambridge in the USA and ended up ill. I was researching the diet before I would committ to it and thats the only negative thing I found. But then the person was breaking the rules.

Maybe Cait can fill us in on the rules of the USA Cambridge seeing as she is on it.
Hmmm, I don't know much about it yet as I have yet to receive my materials. But, it is a bit different, and there are two programs one is 'fast start' and is ssing for 2 weeks and the flavors are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, orange and banana. Then you are supposed to add 400cal of nutritious foods every day (but even then you are at like 850cals a day). On the 'regular program' there are those same basic flavors but also cappucino, and eggnog! I am really anxious to see what that eggnog tastes like! Also, in the 'regular' program there are soups, tomato, potato, chicken noodle and a couple others I think. There is also a "cereal" which looks like plain oatmeal. And there are bars, chocolate strawberry, chocolate peanut and choclate coconut and I think one other. No tetras though. Those are supposed to be real good, no?
Anyways, once I start the program I will be sure to keep you informed of what it is all about. :)