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Starting cd again!

Hi all

Merry Xmas to everyone, hope everyone had a brilliant time. I'm back on cd today, the weight has just crept up and up and I can't keep putting it off! 30 on the 6th of Jan so need to get on track, after restarting, losing a couple of stones and gaining over 2 years of bingeing/starving hell.
Anyway just wondered if there's a team or buddy group I can join to keep going, first week is always a nightmare!


Ps mods my diary 'slim thirties' is in the calorie counting section, sorry to ask again but can you please move it to cd diaries? Cc-ing obv hasn't worked for me. Thank you.

Crystal x
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please try again
welcome back crystal, good luck hun, lots of folks restarting now after christmas
Hi Crystal, congrats on your restart. I'll be restarting on the 2nd of Jan, as I had to come off CD due to illness a few weeks ago.
I look forward to following your progress. :)
hi crystal, good for u for coming back, i wish u the best of luck on your new journey that we seem to be embarking on together as i too have started today :) so far so good. good luck x


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Hi Crystal! Good luck with starting back on CD, u have my weigh in for my restate on Thursday and am starting back on the 2nd of Jan! Like others have said there are quite a few of us starting/redrafting either this week or next, let alone everyone with immense willpower who have stayed strong over Christmas so there's plenty of support here! :) x
me too im starting again probably on monday... have let things slide a bit in the run up to crimbo over and right through it and now my clothes dont fit!! dreading the first few days but know it will be worth it! good luck to everyone else! X
Good for you for coming back. I don't know about teams but there are a bunch of us that hang around here - and they are all wonderfully supportive - I couldn't have done it so far without them ;-)
Thanks everyone, regular updates and support on here really helps with getting through each day. Hope everyone's doing well?
I'm on day 4 today, usually things go wrong after day 5-6 so just being aware of that and setting a mini goal of doing a week at least, then il feel loads more confident.
Quick update on the last 3 days, total hell but I feel determined still so thats good. I'm trying to be a feeder rather than a binger lol. I've been cooking for the family, hungry skinny dh and 3 under 4 year old very excited kids! Bit of a challenge not to taste stuff but I just 'breathe' through the urges. Sounds weird but it really does work, remember a post from KD on here about pausing before having the urge to eat, and I really didn't think it would work for me but it has, i just take a deep breath, tell myself its a weak moment, focus, and think about how badly I wanna chuck away my fat clothes (very good tip from a best mate who's lost 6st on cd and maintained for 2 years) and just feel better about myself.
I'm having a bar every day, I'm in ketosis (cold cold feet, furry tongue, bad breath eeeek!). Last night was a nightmare, couldn't sleep for ages, read it was a side effect of K so cant complain that much but hoping for more sleep tonight.
Off to sip water as didn't have nearly as much as I should have done yesterday, good luck for today guys, make it 100%!
very positive post mate - looking good for where I'm standing..

Im just having my first tetra of the day, but I'm with you on the need to up the water intake - did really well yesterday but not so good today

Have a good one

Madferret said:
very positive post mate - looking good for where I'm standing..

Im just having my first tetra of the day, but I'm with you on the need to up the water intake - did really well yesterday but not so good today

Have a good one

Hey are you ok? Hope you did well for the rest of the day, again not enough water for me but it really makes me sick. Hate drinking water.
Been dreaming of food all day. Felt very unwell earlier but perked up right after a big glass of eww water!
Got my bar to look forward to phew.
Morning Hun

Yeah I am fine... back to it today and I have already filled my water bottle - I need to drink that one and another before I leave at 11:30 - wish me luck with that one..

Have a great day

Hi Ladies,

I'm back on the CD after a long break. Decided not to wait to for the New Year... I wanted to be back at it -- so, that I am starting the New Year off right (not hung over or feeling as if I have given up). I am on Day 3 -- has not too difficult as I have a bad cold and do not feel much like eating. (Good timing, I guess -- after Christmas and as I start a diet.)

Here's a good start on 2011.

Hey T, hope you managed the water allowance, I just give up. I feel too sick do sipping it! How you celebrating? All I'm looking forward to is a bloomin' cd bar lol.
Hiya Minniemel, welcome back, you can do this! Give me your cold please, need all the help I can get!
Keep in touch hon x


Mad as a Hatter
Morning - hope that you are feeing ok this morning.. ?

I celebrated with a bottle of cava and a bottle of white wine with OH, but we are both on the straight and narrow this morning... just about to have a soup... dont fancy a cold tetra somehow..

Have a great day and just keep sipping at that water mate

Hope everyone's New Year is going well! Hopefully this will be the year we'll all reach our weight loss destination. Good luck everyone :)
Thanks Nicki. You too hon, how you doing today?
Hi T, I'm ok. Just constantly feel like I've got a head cold. Starting to feel quite ill but so far so good, nothing yet, shake time!
Well done, just a small blip eh? Just plod on. Well worth it!
Well 8lbs down on Monday, forgot to put that here. Busy busy with school starting. Nursery run, change of routine but holding on. Really pleased with week 1 despite the Totm. Hoping this week is good, obviously won't be a huge loss but anything down is better than up!
Time for first shake, should try the porridge but worried il hate it!
What a week! Lost 3 lbs last week, binged badly yesterday and 3lbs up today. Got lots of work to do to get it off by Monday. Plus the hell of getting back into K. But I will not give up. It's just hunger. Serves me right for starting picking. Lesson learnt.
Peeing all day lol.

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