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  1. annick

    annick Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm starting the CD today.

    I went on a trip to Windsor with friends and after seeing photos I was devastated with how fat I've gotten.
    I'm currently 15 stone 1 and 5 foot 4.

    It's not even like I'm particularly unfit. I walk over 12,000 steps a day and I go rock climbing twice a week.

    I've had enough of being overweight, especially when I look back at old photos of me and I was about 8 stone 6. I guess that's about my target weight but ultimately I want to be down to the very bottom of the healthy BMI (around 8 stone) as I want to start climbing seriously and the less extra weight the better

    I'm hoping that posting here will help me keep motivated.

    Wish me luck.
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  3. beckyboo87

    beckyboo87 Full Member

    Hi annick good luck! Im on my 3rd day first two days was hard but today im feeling great and not hungry at all. Stick with it you'll do great :)
  4. annick

    annick Member

    So half way through day 1.

    1 chocolate shake, 1 butterscotch shake and 1.5l of water down and I'm feeling pretty full.

    Not feeling any side effects as of yet.
  5. annick

    annick Member

    Day 2.

    Chocolate orange shake for breakfast

    Toffee and walnut shake for lunch

    Chocolate shake for dinner.

    2 litres of water drank so far.

    I have a bit of a headache today and I'm weeing almost every 30 minutes!
  6. annick

    annick Member

    Had a maple and pecan porridge for breakfast, made it with way too much water so it became a warm lumpy shake.
    Surprisingly I actually quite enjoyed it like that, but I could just be so hungry that I'll eat anything aha
  7. annick

    annick Member

    So this morning I tested my urine and I'm in ketosis. Yay!

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