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Starting CD

hiya :) Good luck on starting CD , its an amzing plan

My tips for the 1st week are -

stay positive , be excited about what you are doing , see it as a positive and tell yourself that you CAN eat but are CHOOSING not to , this give you the control rather than the diet ..

drink lots of water , around 3.5 -4 litres is a good amount to drink , I fill up 2 2litre bottles every night and put them in the fridge and fill up my drinkign bottles from them so i always know how muchI have had and how much I have left .... drinking a pint before o after each shake is good too to kee you focused and fill you up

come on here and ask for help and advise whenever you need to , it really does help talking to someone who knows exactly how you are feeling

just focus on the fact that the first week may be tough , you may have headaches , feel weaka nd light headed , but after that it does get easier and the weight flys off before you even know whats happening :)

Keep an eye on your 'toilet habits' most people get bunged up without any extra help , so either taek a fibre supplement like CDC's sell , or use a gentle laxative ( I use movicol ) when you need to

Take paracetamol if you get a headache , these are due to carb and sugar withdrawl and dont normally last more than a few days

hope that helps a little and good luck :)

What a good idea about the bottle water!

Am excited and nervous at the same time! But I need to lose this weight or am going to end up even fatter!!!

Hi and welcome to the gang :)

Congrats in taking that first step on what can be the best journey of your life if you let it be. With the first week it's best not to make too many hard and fast plans as you may find yourself tired etc... go out if you feel like it (as a distraction) but allow yourself to sleep for a nap if you want to too.

Ask those closest to you for their support... to avoid those "why are you doing that?" challenging conversations. Explain to them how important this is to you and that if you waver you would appreciate it if they would remind you.

Be prepared to be in the loo ... a lot... in fact it will become your best friend ;-) Map every journey with the loo stops along the way.

Get excited about CD.. mindset and language is a huge part of the success of it... if you think in negative terms e.g. should, must, have to, miss out, etc you will find it a battle. However if you think of it in terms of will, choose, want to etc you will find it a lot easier

Check out dietguy.co.uk ... he's been through it and is great about the mindset thing.. .he has a whole section about it.. (you sometimes see him on here as icemoose).

Take it day by day and hour by hour.

Good luck!
Lol.. I knew Determinator would say about mindset... we are both strong advocates of that bit :)
Well I defo got the mindset :) I've been thinking about it for a week. Am actually looking forward to stop eating am sick of how I eat and look! I can do this :)
Good luck! Like has been said be excited! I really was but also a little nervous i wouldnt succeed! I also made sure i had no plans the first few days & slept loads! X

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