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Starting Exante tomorrow - nervous and excited!

Hi im Becky and im starting my diet tomorrow, rather nervous but excited too, a bit worried what the shakes and soups are going to taste like too but i must do this. I want to get down to a size 10-12, im currently a size 16, im a bit worried i will end up with saggy boobs too as they are huge!

My problem with food has been having the time to prepare proper meals, i leave work rush straight to do the horses and grab anything i can in a shop on the way! so im hoping this will be ideal for me! I am determined to last the 4 weeks and hope to lose a stone in that time!
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is slowly shrinking
good luck becki, yes the diet is the best i have done, i have usually caved now, yes i have had a couple of blips but got straight back on, and still lost. You will achieve yr target sooner than u think, but if u get time come here for lots of advice and tips, we value our little group, and it keeps us on track.
exante is great if you have a busy lifestyle. One of the things I like about it is no meal planning. It's also good to have no food shopping and not much washing up.


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Welcome and good luck. I know I'm repeating myself but this forum is such a lifeline. You can share whatever you want even if it isn't diet related and there's always plenty of support.


reaching my goal
good luck . Dont worry about your boobs sagging just make sure you do toneing that should help x
Hi Buffki, welcome to the forum and good luck with the diet. Not done a VLCD before? If not I hope you have done some reading about it as this is a diet like no other.

Cannot answer you about the boob thing but my moobs are disappearing and I am a happy chappy.

I am sure I can speak for everyone on this forum when i say that we are all very supportive and would like to see you on the forum very often sharing your journey with us.
ah thank you everyone, it sounds like your all doing so well. No i haven't really done a VLCD diet before but im gonna give it a go. Well looks like its a shake for me for brekkie, so whats everyones favourite flavour then? Or should i give a bar a go for breakfast instead?


Rebel without a calorie
I like vanilla. I make it up thick and eat it like raw cake mix lol. You can make them all thick like a mousse if you dont fancy a shake. Nuked for 1 minute in the micro the chocolate tastes like chocolate custard yum.
I usually have the bar at lunchtime as they take a while to eat. They're nice cut into chunks.


is slowly shrinking
u could do it what ever way suits u, as long as u have 1 of each a day, i make my shakes into lollies they last longer, i only make them up with 150 of water they are so creamy, like mini milks. add spice n herbs to your soups as they are quite creamy or another way i do it, is have them as cup a soups and have 2 halve sachets throughout the day, it just feels like i am eating more and not going long periods without food, and don;t forget to drink drink drink.
Hi guys,
I am a forty year old male and when i started last Monday, I had just tipped the scales at 15st 10lb. This morning I am 14st 7lb! Becky, the flavours are all really good. I was very surprised at just how good. I miss snacking at night but the daily loss keeps you going. Once you are through the first few days you will be fine. Good Luck
Funny but you get greedy dont you? I am the same today as I was yesterday and was disappointed! But I am now looking at the bigger picture and yes, very pleased. Another stone and a half would be great! Then its keeping it off!!!
Hey prozac, nice to see another male on here, man do I get stick from these woman. No they have really been there for me and I do enjoy the banter. Well done on 17lbs in your 1st week, that excellent. It seems us men are blessed with quick weight loss. I also lost a huge amount the 1st week and then it slowed down but I have now 45lbs in 39 days so all is well.
Hi Mark.
I think this forum is going to be a huge help. I have never done a diet like this but if anything I am getting more determined every day. Have you just done shakes for 39 days??
Shakes and sometimes a soup here and there but mainly shakes. This is the mother of all diets and you have started well.The cravings get quite bad but the hunger is not bad due to ketosis. This forum is a godsend, it's good to vent your frustrations and feelings here as everyone is going through the same thing. Evreyone is very supportive.
well so far today its going well, even with my friend shoving chocolates under my nose! I had a vanilla shake this morning, but split it into two portions and added coffee and hot water, it was like the creamiest latte ever! delicious, i cant believe i am saying that! and i have just had a bar for my lunch too, feel like i have lost weight already! or is it just money i have lost, lol, i went to get on my scales this morning and they didnt work, bought a new battery and still didnt work so had to by a new set, then went to use my trusty blender and that broke too! oh well, what im saving on food and alcohol will make up for it. So far im morivated! wohoo!


is slowly shrinking
well done to both of u newbies, we are here for support, and hey mark u have
another friend lol, where did the others go? seriously prozac, and buf, this site is a godsend please feel free to vent out here good or bad. and please chip in support to us also, just a chat goes along way and keeps those bloody voices of "eat me" away, goodluck

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