Starting exante TS today would love some advice!


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I'm new here. I decided I'm going to start exante total solution tomorrow. I already have all the products. I was originally going to start after Christmas day but I have just become so fed up and depressed that I've decided to start sooner.

I have exams creeping up in the first week of Jan so being in the TS will take one dimension out of losing weight.

I also have spondylolisthesis grade 3 of the spine which means exercise is hard and i will need a spinal fusion a sme point in the I really want to get the extra weight off ASAP.

It's been difficult with a normal healthy diet, planning everything, especially now I live with my boyfriend.

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else had health conditions which affect weight loss? Or found it hard doing the diet with loved ones not on the plan around you ?

How about exercise? Do you take anything extra to keep up with training? What exercise do you do?

I'm a moderately active person and go to the gym for a spin / aerobic class at least three times a you think I would be okay to keep this up?

Look forward to opinions and support xxxx
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Welcome to mimimins hon, I'm just starting on day 3 of TS at the moment and have so far found it quite easy.

Sorry to read of your health problems hon, hope when you have the op it will make a remarkable difference for you x

As for activity, at the moment all I do is a bit of walking, although I have now joined the gym in preparation of adding more exercise as the weight comes off. I plan to do swimming and later on boxfit. But for now will stick to the walking.

Unofficially I've lost 5lbs on 2 full days of Exante, so will be happy if I lose at least another 2lbs before the end of my first week :)


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S: 11st10lb G: 8st0lb
Aw thank you for your reply!
That sounds so good 5lbs loss! Amazing ..well done!

I hope I can match your 7lb goal after my first week.

Well it's been difficult today..with it being Xmas eve and boyfriend stuffing his face with Xmas goodies..but the determination and knowledge of how much I will lose keeps me motivated. :)

I've decided I will have two TS meals on Xmas day and 1 strict ketosis meal so that I can have a romantic Xmas with my bf.
It's just me and him this year..which makes it easier but not nice him having Xmas din by thought it was a nice compromise.

Be nice to buddy up with you? Keep each other motivated ...compete with each other? Let me know what you think

Merry Christmas! Xx


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S: 16st4lb C: 13st2lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 3st2lb(19.3%)
Hello hon, only just seen your reply, how you getting on? I'm down by 8lbs in 4 days now :) I find that keeping a diary helps xx I've added a link to mine in my sig if you want a nose :)


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Hey Rabbit, how're you doing post Christmas?

I'm also new to this and after a difficult first few days I now feel good although I still feel quite hungry between meals.

I am going to start exercising but quite a few people don't seem to do anything with amazing results.

Are you able to exercise while sitting i.e. static cycling or using resistance bands?