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starting lipotrim 2day!!!

well i have done it and have started lipotrim 2day!!! Felling very optimistic as i cannot cope with this weight anymore and this is MY TIME 2 DO IT!!!
1st target- get through today without falling out with other half due to hunger and feeling fed up!!!:D
got a really good feeling that i am going 2 do this and be proud of myself for my achievements!!:)
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blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Well done!!

Stay positive, stay on this site for motivation.xx:)

I'm on day 1 restart after a month off. I'm sooooooo happy? I was really dreading restarting but feel so positive and happy I cant believe it!! I think I have gained 5lb, this has been over the last week as I had maintained my weight until then.:) I hope that on my first weigh in I will be back to where I left off.:character00238:

Good luck hun, let us know how you are getting on and be sure to stop by regularly to keep you occupied.



Below 190lbs... wohooo
Well done for being so positive. It's my 2nd day today and not feeling too bad. Make sure you drink lots of water. I've found that keeping an online diary is helping, it's giving me something to do when the others are eating! lol
well done guys for being positive ! once you get through this week it'll be smooth sailing!!! all the best and pop in to let us know how ur getting on.
perfect orchid, your online diary is a great idea!!! think its important for everyone to find something that will take their minds off food. for me its this site xxx good luck x
All the best with your first day, I pray ya do well. Take each day as it comes and if it helps start up a diary as what perfect orchard has said. A few others have told me that its quite good as well and its defintely something that I will consider too once i get internet in to my home, roll on 5th jan!! I'm back on the wagon again too, I think Ive gained over xmas but hopefully it will shed quickly, anyways wishing yas all the best for now, take care
well i am very impressed with myself as i have been to the pictures with my daughter and didn't eat or drink a thing and then went 2 mcdonalds and had a black coffee!!!! Convinced i can do this!!! Had 5 litres of water and got a very slight headache but 'nothing tastes as good as slim feels!!' It's only food and just keep thinking about what the scales will read next week!!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Well done for getting through day 2. Its amazing what you can do !!

Just struggling a little to get through day 1! Nearly forgot to feed family haha. I am due my last shake soon. Will prob go to bed early.:)XX
Struggling here, just been wrestling with myself but gotten over it now just had last shake and black coffee, got the aim just got to stick to it...
well i've gotten through day 1!!! Dreamed about shakes in my sleep last night! My biggest problem is the after taste of the shakes, tried having a hot chocolate shake but it was awful!!! Going to keep busy 2day and aim to just get through the day!!
Hi Mytime, well done on getting through the first day, you have motivated me to start back today myself after a month off.
well done! Good luck and keep going :) If you survived Maccy D's without caving in then you are on the right track!

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
I know once we get through first week it does get easier. You dont think of food so much! XX


One last chance
Congratulations on starting! I assure you, you will not be dissapointed. The results are impressive but you've gotta stick to it.

Just giving ya the heads up, at first, it is really hard, but as soon as you get past the first week, it becomes so easy! Just be strict, follow the rules, and the rewards will come along swiftly.

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