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starting lipotrim 2moro..aaaah

im starting lipotrim 2moro..quite nervous.. have tried a few diets but none seemed to work. Came across this from a friend who has lost 8stone in 6 months so i decided id try it.
A few people have said its very bad for ur health... so i decided to try and find a site that has sucess stories and found this site.. soo happy because im going 2 need some support, family and friends think im crazy doing the diet.. but at the end of the day im doing it 4 me and no1 else...
so this is the start of my journey..:D
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GOOD LUCK!!.. I think you've found the right website.. People who don't know .. don't know!.. everyone has their two cent worth to tell you.. but you need to do what is right for you. It is right for so many people. A good friend of mine in the UK has lost just over 3 stone in SIX weeks!.. She's doing amazingly.. she says it's hard but worth it when she weighs in every Friday..

I say GO for it!... Stay in touch with people who will support you and try to ignore and avoid those with their negative comments.. (funny how thin people are always the ones who 'know best'.. having never had a weight problem or should I say food problem eh! )

Bugger em.. you go for it Val!
ya ive heard its very hard, im a chef so im constantly around food.. dreading it but i really want this .. ill only regret it if i dont ..

ha ha ya thats so true!! would have been nice to have my mates support tho .. really shows who ur real friends are!

thanks :)
wow!.. you're a chef.. crikey.. set this up as your challenge.. seriously.. if you can do this.. you can do anything.. it's all about mind over matter.. see the food as something you mustn't have.. like a banker .. the money isn't his.. so he doesn't touch it... maybe that mentality will help?
good luck with your start Val xx
Welcome Val... It really does work! Although it can be hard at times the rewards are fantastic!!

The only thing i would advise is, keep an eye on your bowels.. LT is well known for causing constipation, so be extra vigilant and make sure you have something in to help you.. Good luck


wannabe a yummy mummy:)
Good luck val;) just keep thinking of summer on its way to wear all those lovely dresses thats wats keeping me going:) im on my second day 2day and dont feel hungry:confused: wait and you see after first 3 days ya dont feel hungry anymore and have loads of enery and wen the weight comes off so quick itll inspire u 2 keep going:) dont mind the haters they havent a clue, i was on another site and some girl asked 4 advice and the abuse she got was unreal:( its got all your vitamins 4 the day, i say thats why after couple days ya feel so good:D k im rambling on a bit here, well Good Luck hun youll do great:fingerscrossed: xxxx
thanks everyone :) ya it will be very tough as a chef but ive told all the lads at work to taste everythin for me .. so it wont be too bad i hope :)

there is alot of haters out there, but i really dont care what they think, they just not worth it :) they can hate all they want... they're the ones who are gonna be jealous as hell :p
I have my own baking company - I feel your pain! I'm in my 3rd week & I love it :)

Best of luck x
Good luck Val, we're all here for you x
Hi Val, and good luck. I've just got through my 10th day and it really is starting to get easier.

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