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Starting Lipotrim tomorrow. Any advice ?


I will do this!!!
Welcome to the amazing world of lipotrim believe me its going to be the best thing youv ever done!!!! The first week is pretty rough but keep going as i gets a lot better and easier. I cook dinner everynight and couldn't give a monkies now, all i care about is the weight dropping off!
As a last resort am trying Lipotrim. £48 per week sounds a lot but spend that on my binges during the week.
Yes. It's probably the toughest thing you'll ever do. It is harsh, you'll feel sorry for yourself a lot, and you'll crave some of the silliest things... but it works brilliantly - the weightloss is phenominal and you'll notice the difference after a few days being on it.

Don't cheat and try not to break it as it's so so hard to get back on the wagon again afterwards.

The diet is brilliant though...

I take mine with ice-water, mixed in a blender (complete with straw lol)- makes me think i'm having a smoothie. I take the chocolate and vanilla shakes with peppermint (tea cooled down) ice-water and the odd sweetener too sometimes.

The chocolate and vanilla can also be used with coffee too.

I can't think of anything else right now.

Goodluck...(even though you know you'll not need it) :)

ps - I did it before and went off it stupidly. I started today again, and already feeling sorry for myself...


Always welcome new m8's!
Welcome:D congrats on making this decision.

Do something to keep u motivated. Write a list of why u want to lose the weight. Cut out pics of what you want to fit into or buy a something to aim to wear...

The first few days are gonna be so so tough but you will get there!

If you feel yourself slipping watch the Inspiration slide show.

Good luck hun x
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Welcome and good luck.

The above advice is spot on. I'd also add, prepare for the worst in the first week and do anything you can to keep yourself preoccupied. Drink plenty of water but spread it out during the day. As a chappie you can have 4 lady shakes in place of 2 man shakes and it may help you to have 4 meals rather than just 2. You can split your man shakes too.

Remember that NOTHING else is allowed on tfr diets except for the shakes, water, black coffee and tea (not flower or fruits teas though) and if you stick to it 100% you will see your weight drop very encouragingly.

Good luck.



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Hi, my advice would be to drink at least 3 litres of water a day, it keeps you full and speeds up the weight loss.
"the more you drink, the more you shrink!"
The best of luck to you for your new start.
drink lots of water someone at ideal weight should sup 2litres a day peeps that are overweight should add 500ml for every stone overweight to that - up to a max of 6 litres a day. Remember to drop ur intake with the stones u lose too cos u can dilute the nutrients int he shakes if u dont

the first week is the toughest - keep ur head down and envisage ur goal - never ever ever eat anything - do not add anything in the first week or two to the shakes or soups - just do pure lipotrim - once u have got through the first couple of weeks add ur sweetners and chilli flakes to ur soups if u need to.

if u need to go on antibiotics during ut LT journey just get through it - u may not lose much weight but it deffo falls off ya the week after.

just knuckle down and think of ur WIs when it gets hard.

do anything to get ur mind off food in that first week - go for a walk - have a bath - i would say pamper urself but most blokes dont do that...although in my opinion u all should :D

good luck - see ya at the finish line :)
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I have to admit I blew it today. Had my first shake at 11:00. Was on a night shift. On my way to work was so incredibly hungry [Yes I know this is an excuse] went into Tesco's and bought 2 scotch eggs/Corned beef and ate them at work with biscuits +++, bread etc.

Its now midnight . The start of another day. Not on a night shift tomorrow so must look at it as only 1 lipotrim wasted and start again. Cant give up.

Must up my water intake, and just grit my teeth more. Any suggestions for the early stages when , I am sure you appreciate the hunger [both physical and mental ] is quite extreme ?.

P.S. The fact I have been honest about my 'failure' today has actually helped a lot.


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For me it was do as little as possible, if you have to work, it is tough, I imagine. Maybe see if you can get a buddy on here that you can phone for support?


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Welcome aboard mate... like others have said it IS tough for the 1st couple of weeks or so BUT it's so worth it... & it's much more than losing weight - it's the total break from your food addiction that allows you to assess why & what you were eating before.... I'm not exaggerating when I say it's a life-changing experience....

You CAN & WILL do this - IF you stick to it... follow the programme to the letter - this is an all or nothing diet - it simply does not work if you cheat...

Get into your own groove & give yourself little goals & before you know it you'll be well into your LT journey :)

Good luck mate ! :D
one thing to think is the only person you're cheating is yourself - people will say "it doesn't matter" but you know yourself it does. I've cheated a couple of times this week and each time, the food wasn't as good as I was expecting and instead of feeling full, i felt empty inside as i felt i'd failed myself. if I want to eat, i should do it properly and forget LT - what's the point of investing in LT every week and then buying food on top?? the idea of food is better than the reality - we build it into something fantastic and are then disappointed - this is because we never really ate because of the taste of food - we ate for different reasons - emotional, boredom, etc etc and the food was actually incidental - it just made us feel full and stopped us dealing with any of the problems we had - let me know if I'm just talking about myself here!

When you get through a whole week of LT without eating anything, you'll realise it is do-able. Drink more water, have a black tea or coffee, ring someone, have a bath, read a book - this is the advice wonderful people on this forum gave me when i started. Nothing tastes as good as feeling thinner feels, believe me!!

Go for it from now on and keep us updated on how you're doing - it's worth it and so are you. x x x

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