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Starting Lipotrim tomorrow


Loves the jobs you hate!
I started today :)
I think the best tip I can give, is whatever questions, doubts, etc, however small, or silly they may seem, just come on here and ask. There are so many people who are here to help you through. Good luck with it. Stay focused :D


Loves the jobs you hate!
its been fine. My partner is doing it too, so we can help each other.

Some hunger pains, but mostly in my head, as I used to have cravings before, as soon as id finished my tea, id be thinking 'whats next' lol.

I found the chocolate shake to be the nicest, and also if you add a spoon of coffee to the vanilla one, its much nicer.

Hope you have a good day/week.
Hello Jane and welcome. As Indie said, anything, small or big, come on here and ask. I think I learnt more from people on here than from my chemist!

Keep sipping the water, 3-4L over the whole day is a good amount but if you aren't used to drinking so much then gradually try and increase it. There is a saying on here "the more you drink, the more you shrink" and it does seem to help.

The first few days are the hardest but once you get into ketosis things do get easier.

The shakes may taste strange at first, it is just the vits and minerals. Try varying the amount of water you add, I use 400-450ml in mine. Again try gradually adding more till you come to an amount you prefer.

Good luck.

Thanks Cuddlefairy, I'm determined to stick to it, I did try it briefly last year but had to go away with work quite a bit and it didn't really work out, nothing will stand in the way this time :)
Hi jane and welcome to LT and the forum which i have to say is an amazing place. i'm just starting my 4th week can't believe it's gone so quickly passing the time on here helps soo much!! best tip is get the water down you girl i drink 4 litres a day on top of what i use to make the shakes. second tip make choc drink using black peppermint tea instead of plain water it's lush. i see your from south wales too where abouts??
The most important thing is just to keep the water up & bear with it until you hit ketosis as the first few days you won't feel too fantastic.

Best of luck for tomorrow!!



maintaining since June'09
Drink, drink, drink - don't even think about having anything you shouldn't and drink ... and you'll be fine. :)

As others have said - keep coming on here, it'll keep you sane ;)

Best of luck xx
Hi Katy, it was my birthday yesterday so I ate the remains of an Indian and quite a few thorntons chocolates too, but will stick the rest in the freezer so no tempations in the fridge...
One tip - Put a jug of fresh water in the fridge, the shakes are much nicer with very cold water.
Good luck and hope you do well, Im a newbie too. On day 11 I think..
Lisa x
Thanks for the tips, jug of water is in the fridge, going ok so far, just about to have another shake and pop up the shop for some sweetners as I haven't had a coffee yet..
put a spoon of coffee in your vanilla shake. Its much nicer :)
Yep I agree, I shake it in the shaker, add the coffee and then ping in the microwave for a type of latte vanilla coffee, yummy.

No more for me chef, i'm full.

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