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starting refeed today !


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:candledinner: hi all well as u know i starting refeed today, really looking forward to it, i not goin to post a diary thou because i away next fri and hoping to do tfr when i come back,:clap:
hoping to lose 1lb on refeed this week as will then have lost 2.5stone, do u think this is achievable?
:whacky068:Scots posted an excersise challange so goin to do that this week too (think its a great idea) i wouldnt be very good at motivating myself i enjoy horseriding and do vibroplate but thats about it!

should i still drink between 2 & 4 ltrs of water on refeed?

Did any of ye try the mushroom & onion in micro? i looking foward to them more than chicken!!!:eat:
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Hiya, just started refeed last night, so good luck. Was nervous but take it steady it will be grand.

How long do you micowave the mushrooms & onions ? Sounds lush.



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i used to eat it years ago on ww, just mushroom & onion in bowel with pepper! just like fried mushroom & onion except no oil!!!!!


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Brilliant, might try that tomorrow.:rolleyes:


Life is not a Rehersal!

When I re-read the refeed sheet last night one of the things it points out whilst refeeding is DONT FORGET YOUR WATER....as we have got into the habit of drinking it, dont stop! So, I think we should carry on drinking as much as we have been doing!

Will be thinking of you tonight..will post later and see how you got on.

I think I might get the table cloth out, candles,etc!! haha..make a night of it :)!!!!!


Life is not a Rehersal!
Aoife mentioned about tomatoes and her pharmacist saying not to eat first few days. I have just emailed LT and they confirm, dont eat until Day 3! Phew, glad I knew that one, as I am sure I would have had them tonight.


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Best of luck you two tonight and hope you have great weekends. Have to sign off for the weekend. Look forward to catching up on Monday.


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so i just finished my first reefeed meal! was lovely, really enjoyed it ! hope i can lose 1lb this week :(


Life is not a Rehersal!
I am sure you will...stick to the refeed to the letter and you are doing all your activity/exercise..no reason why not....I will be thinking of you!!!!

Glad you enjoyed your meal :)!
So glad you enjoyed your first meal nicolas - but tell more, what did you have?


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i not near as descriptive as Scots i'm afraid, was not a romantic setting :(
kids were delighted i ate with them though!
i cooked a fillet of chicken with salt and pepper in george forman, no oil, cut up half an onion and about 8 mushrooms put salt and pepper on and cooked them in micro for 3 min, then diced up my scallions, lettuce, cucumber & bean sprouts, put on a little balsamic vinegar and savoured every mouthfull
hubby was not home from work so ate with kids, will get to eat with him over weekend hopefully!!!!

thanks for the interest
and all the support ;)


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Good luck all on refeed.

Oooh I did eat tomatoes on re-feed, maybe thats why I stayed the same on my first week.
I echo both of these statements and am copying here part of the refeed sheet ...

DAY 1.

Have 2 Lipotrim servings and one meal, as follows (men continue to have 2 servings, as before, while women take 1 less serving of Lipotrim).

at lunchtime or evening meal time you may have some skinless, boneless chicken breast or white fish fillet, or some skinless turkey (about 4-6ozs.) The fish or chicken may be steamed, microwaved, baked or cooked with a little water in a non-stick pan. Season with salt and pepper. Or you may have tuna fish in water or brine (drained). Vegetarians may use tofu or quorn.

You may also have either a moderate serving of salad (small breakfast bowl) from any of the following: lettuce, cucumber cress and watercress, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, bean sprouts, celery dressed with a little lemon juice or wine vinegar (try balsamic vinegar, it is quite special), or if you prefer, a moderate serving ( 2 heaped table spoons - no more)of some cooked vegetables. You may have bread, grains (rice) or pasta until Day 4. Fruit should wait until Day 4 at the earliest (later if you have carbohydrate problems). You can have milk in tea/coffee.

Obviously this is my highlighting .... I'm just a wee bit miffed that yet again LT are giving conflicting advice ....
Incidentally - they never did reply to my 2nd letter for those of you who remember about that - but I didn't send it recorded delivery so probably my own fault ...

ah well ... xx


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(Just looking in from TFR)

I am not surprised about LT helpline and conflicting advice....

Thank God for this forum and the helpful people in here!


maintaining since June'09
I know - I don't know what I'd have done without this site. Mind you! I wouldn't have been on LT because it was playing silly games in the middle of the night with Mary on line that brought my attention to it! I was doing very badly on Diet Chef (not DCs fault I hasten to add) and noticed how well Mary was doing. The rest, as they say, is - I sincerely hope - history :) xx


maintaining since June'09
I'm happy about that too :):) x

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