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Starting Saturday??

Hey, I am hopefully beginning the exante diet on Saturday (if it is delivered on time).
I did the cambridge diet last year and lost 3.5 stone, but sadly due to a relationship breakdown, I put it all back on and more. Last time I weighed myself I was 18 stone, but I have been unemployed for nearly 2 months now and am so scared I have put even more on!!! I am moving to China in about a month (maybe more) and would love to lose a couple of stone before then- my confidence has plummeted with the weight gain and I believe going to China lighter will give me a little boost. When I arrive I will be so bust with my new life that continuing to lose weight will not be a problem (I hope). If it is, I'm hoping exante deliver overseas!!!
I've been desperately trying to lose weight over the past 6 months unsuccessfully and motivation has been a real problem- I used to be addicted to excercise but now I find it hard to get the motivation! I have also completely run out of self control. I am going to make sure I update this daily to keep me motivated and read all the other members diaries as they are soo encouraging!!
ps- how do i get a weight loss ticker?
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Good luck katy, stick around here and you'll get some great support. Exante reckon you could lose around a stone a month, although you may beat that during your first month. As for overseas delivery, you need to get in touch with [email protected], as she can sometimes arrange it.

You can get a ticker at tickerfactory.com, amongst others. You then need to paste the bb code in your signature.
Thankyou for your encouragement! When I was on the cambridge diet I lost 3.5 stone in 10 weeks- 2 stone in the first month, so I'm quite hopeful!!! When I begin losing weight it comes off super quick, it's just the initial motivation! The problem this time also is that im living with the parents until i go and they are really into sitting down for food together every night and my mum makes the best sunday lunch! I just need to fight the cravings!!
I'll try the ticket thing tomorrow- it's waay past my bedtime now he he!
S: 11st4lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 0st8lb(5.06%)
We like to sit down together on an evening too so I have a soup then do I feel like I'm joining in. Once the soups are gone I'm hoping to be below bmi25 and on the working solution so I can have a proper meal with them.
Enjoy China, are you going over there to work?
Yeah I was thinking about making my meals and sitting down with the family at night! the only problem is that my mum always makes a pudding!!! I will have to learn some cast iron willpower!!!
I am going out there to teach! I'm really excited about it, but I'm just worried about making friends- the weigh gain has really dented my confidence!
Good luck for tomorrow

My products have arrived- Yipeeee!!! I am starting today, and unfortunately I woke up starving, but I'm just going to have a duvet day watching movies with my lil sis, so I' sure I'll survive the hunger!!!
I've put all my products into random packs of three, so I have a surprise every day and also so I don't end up with loads of flavours I don't like at the end- Like when I did Cambridge!
I've just weighed and measured myself- pretty sure my mum's scales are BROKEN! Apparently I'm 260 pounds, but from my measurements, I've lost lots of inches since the last time I weighed/measured myself! However, I can use the weights as a guide! I'm going to get one of those weight loss ticker thingies today too!
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Good luck hope it goes well x


Wants to be thin!
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Good Luke Katy, I started monday so we are at similar starting points. I think I'm on the verge of ketosis as I have hay metally taste but still a bit hungry so almost there.
Day two

That's awesome to have someone starting at the same time as me-how much do you have to lose dubsndice?
My first day went well- was pretty hungry, but not too bad! I was surprised at how nice the soups and bars are- much nicer than the cambridge ones. the shakes are horrid, but I will perservere! I did drink a bit of diet pepsi yesterday- do anyone know whether this will effect the diet? Also, can anyone tell me how to put my tracker permanently on my posts? I can't find it!


Wants to be thin!
S: 15st9lb G: 14st0lb
Hi Katy. Realistically i have about 3.5-4 stone to lose, but i am setting myself mini goals. My first of which is a stone for Xmas. Then take it from there. How much do you need to lose? Have you weighed yourself yet? I have had a 8 pound loss in 4 days so i am really chuffed, my weigh in day is Monday, hoping i can get another couple off for then. Still not in Ketosis yet though.

diet Pepsi is a big no no, you can have coke zero though. This and Dr Pepper Zero are the only diet drinks youcan have x
Oh dear- I've had a couple of can the past few days- why can I drink cokezero but not diet pepsi? I need to lose about 4/5 stone, but Iwant to lose a couple of stone before I go to china in about a month's time- I lost just over 2 stone in my first month of cambridge and I had less to lose, so I'm hopeful! 8 pounds is fantastic- I haven't weighed myself yet- I'm only going to weigh once a week- but I've been doing it 3 days now- Idon't feel any lighter, but my stomach is much flatter! I don't have a job at the mo, and a not doing anything this weekend, so I'm looking forward to shocking my friends with my weightloss next weekend! The anticipation of their reaction is driving me at the moment- it's so hard to resist food when I am soooo unbelievably bored!!!


Wants to be thin!
S: 15st9lb G: 14st0lb
Hi Katy, diet pepsi has citric acid in it which will stop you getting into ketosis where as coke zero doeznt so u are ok with that. I checked with exante and coke zero is approved by them. I bet your friends will notice a big difference. I had a few nice comments a few days in :)
Hi Katy and dubsndice. I'll be joining you both in a few days...just waiting on delivery of food pack. Good luck with it!

Katy, not sure how you added your ticker but if you go to your userCP and paste it into your signature it should show. Neat little gadget though isn't it :) I'm hoping that seeing the pounds drop off on the ticker is going to be a real motivator.

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