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starting Saturday

Hi all,
your posts are very inspirational and I love seeing how much weight you all lose every week. Well done all of of you, be proud of your achievements :)
I'm hoping to start Saturday if the pharmacy stops messing me around! Done Cd 2x before and lost 5 stone on round 1 and 7 stone on round 2 but keep putting it back on plus extra as the Cdc keep leaving and I can't find replacements. Never mind this should work and stay of this time. Very upset about having to be weighed and really don't want to know what it is, got so upset over the thought of it I have ended up with shingles lol!
All the very best to all of you on your journey's and I will be on one to this week fingers crossed:eek:

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Why is it when you feel all ready and determined to lose weight people who are supposed to love you and offer you support start to question why you want to do something so drastic. I keep getting friends and family saying be careful, you don't need to starve yourself to lose weight oh and the classic one " people have died on those diets" arrhhhh! time to educate my family and friends I think lol!

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My friends and family have been really good their amazed I haven't eaten any food I say it's medically safe because it's a diet that was in gps sugerys that has been rolled out to phamacies.
Hi clair-louise, thankyou for replying. I totally agree with you that it is a safe diet. I think most of the problems come from people excessive drinking lowering pottasium levels.I have just had to talk to my mother and friend and explain it all. Good grief I need a cup of tea now ( black that is), one thing I really can't get used to is no milk in tea yuk!


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Good luck shrinky2dinky! It is a long journey ahead of us but I hope we will get there. I have just started my second week. I feel more energetic and my skin looks good too. Didn't have this when I was eating regular food. Thank Goodness for Lipotrim! X
Hi Shrinky,
I agree with the others DONT LISTEN!!!
I too have had many comments, and still get comments like 'dont you feel hungry' 'it cant be good for you' etc etc but i just say to them that being overweight isnt good for me, and it is something which has been considered carefully. I even used to lie at first to try and stop the comments, but now i say nahh this is me and this is my choice.
i am proud to say i have not felt this good for a long time.
Like Caz i also tell them to go and 'google' Lipotrim first.
I think the thing people don't like isn't the fact that i am doing something positive to change (for the better), its that they aren't doing something positive with their lives.

Be strong, and remember the reasons why you chose to do it

good luck with everything

JO :)
Thank you Magi, Caziedalts and Jo you have all made me feel even more determined to do this and ignore the negative people.After all this is my life changing journey not theirs and if they can't support me then they need to butt out. Off to get my shakes now ready to start in the morning. Sounds silly but I feel really excited now im finally going to change my life...............


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With regards to getting weighed just remember, that will be the last time you will be that number, you will see it once then never again, give it a week and you will be proud to get weighed and see the numbers falling. Good luck, you can do it x
Well day one today and I am so ready for this.I got weighed and im not so shocked I half expected to be that weight but thats a really good way of looking at it Lilac, I wont weigh that come next week.
Nearly died of shame though when I walked into pharmacy, the pharmacist was so good looking he was gorgeous, thank God he didn't weigh me :eek:
Well off to the stables now to sort out me gee gee's can't wait to be able to ride with the family again.
Have a good day all and stay strong, we all know we can so do thisxx


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so, how did it go ?
Hi Lilac, well I ended up with 21 chocolate shakes that are beginning to taste better with each one. Got through Saturday by going to bed at 7pm with a blinding headache and woke up not even feeling hungry. Shouldn't have done but I weighed myself and 2lbs down already, looks like these choco shakes are gonna become my bezzie friend;) Sunday dinner was a taste bud tickler I had to sit at the table after making the roast and watch everyone eat whilst I had a shake, sooo unfair! Never mind the weigh in on Fri will be so worth it.
How have you been?


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i am a sneaky weigher as well Lol, do it every morning just cant help myself ! you have done so well, I am so lucky don't have to cook for anyone (my better half has learnt to sort himself out, bless im) that must be hard. I've had a funny weekend, for the first time on this diet i have been exhausted and light headed, tis a bit strange but am hoping it will pass if i just chill out and get an early night...I hope the dreaded day three flys by for you tomorrow and i look forward to seeing your excited post on friday letting us know how you first weigh in has gone !
What day u on electic? I'm on day 12 and have been dizzy and light headed today for the first time and a bit lethargic too like feeling tired when I reach the top of the stair don't know if the body is saying ok 12 days and this is all you give me


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Clair- Louise...i'm on day 7 again, because i took 3 weeks out ....but have been at this since the 12th may 5 weeks TFR, its confusing i know Lol
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Hi Lilac, hope your dizzy spells have passed.I can remember feeling like that on Cambridge diet, I was on that for 7mths and I had quite a few spaced out feeling days. I think it was mainly because I used to have a day off now and again and was in and out of ketosis.This time i'm not going to take any breaks as i really don't want to be on this at christmas, could you imagine a shake for crimbo dinner! horrified!!!
I just hope and prey that I don't get the hair loss this time as it was comming out in clumps and has only just started to thicken up.Well I have a good amount of hair extensions if it does thin out lol!
Hope you have a good week this week and thank you for the encouragement for the dreaded day 3, ( I hope I don't get a headache again)x
OMG!!! 4 pints of water 2 coffee's and one shake and I am feeling the hunger paings now. Day off of work and I am going crazy trying to keep myself busy, I keep going on here to keep motivated. I knew day 3 would be hard but flipping heck, food thoughts are going crazy in my head and my stomach thinks my throats been cut.Roll on ketosis ...........:sigh:
Day 4 weighed myself and very disapointed only 5lbs down, considering it's water weight it's a poor loss. I was hoping to have lost 10lb or more by Friday and at this rate looks like im in for a huge let down.Well I have today and 2 more days so should lose 6lb by weigh in, if all goes to plan. Just can't stand the thought of taking 3-4 wks to shift the first stone as i get very de-motivated quickly. Well going to up the water intake, stop moping and also stop weighing myself at least till Friday morning.


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Hi Shrinky, I think 5lb loss is great for 4 days. Keep going and let the chemist weigh you at the end of the week. X

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