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Extra Easy Starting slimming world after following weight watchers

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by nlit4688, 2 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. nlit4688

    nlit4688 Member

    Hi there I have just switched over from ww to sw and this is my second week and I haven't lost a lb!!! I'm sticking to the plan to the T and can't understand it, is it just the sudden change in diet from weight watchers to slimming world??? Am gonna stick with slimming world for another wk and if no good result next wk then I will have to go back to ww reluctantly!!! My sister, mother in law and friends are all doing great on sw but have been doing it for months now, dunno what's happening with me, though I do only have approx 7-10lb to lose! Please advise!!!!
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  3. HelsAngel

    HelsAngel Silver Member

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    Bear in mind that if you've just switched over from one plan to another then you were likely to already have been eating healthily for the last however long so your body will not react as quickly as if you'd been eating junk and have introduced a major change.

    Stick with it. I'm an Ex-WW too and I used to champion WW over all other plans (despite not doing them). However, I'm totally converted to SW now and although the losses for me seem to be slower than on WW, I've not felt hungry, I've not gone without and I'm altogether eating much more healthier. On WW, I used to eat a bar of chocolate thinking it was within points so it was healthy. I've never eaten so well in my life.

    This is a lifestyle change too rather than a diet remember. I believe that retraining yourself to eat the SW way has way more longevity than point counting.

    Maybe it's just me. Give it a month and assess your losses after that. Also, if you only want to lose a tiny amount, remember that it's going to be tough at the end whichever plan you're on!

    Good luck.
  4. Funky_Munky

    Funky_Munky Put the kettle on

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    If you only have 10 pounds max to lose im guessing that when you left ww you were probably on quite low points? It will mean that as said above your body will already be used to eating healthily, so you might not see drastic results.

    As a former ww follower i know there is a temptation to eat as much as you want cos you can cos its free. I have found that it doesnt quite work like that and i still need to pay attention to make sure im not eating when im not hungry etc. Tbh i find now my portions are probably not much bigger than they were when i did ww and i probably eat the same in a day as i would have then. I just dont have to worry so much about constantly weighing and running out of points by tea time.
  5. nlit4688

    nlit4688 Member

    Thanks ladies! Gonna stick at it anyway even though I can't see results on the scales I feel healthier so hopefully I will see results soon! Might cut my sins back daily too!!!
  6. valerie11

    valerie11 Gold Member

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    slimming world
    hi hun agree with everything the other posters have said i have also followed w/w successfully but ate junk food (mcdonalds) because i could now with s/w i have steady loses and eat healthier and don' feel hungry. good luck x
  7. babypat

    babypat Gold Member

    Hi good luck. Give it some time.
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