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Starting soon..

Foo Fan

Gold Member
Hi guys,

I've been on LT previously and only liked the chocolate shakes...

I've just ordered the shakes and bars bumper pack but worried that i won't like the flavours especially the banana one..
Is it a really strong banana taste?

Ive read that the shake are nicer than LT shakes - and I'm looking forward 2 the bars!

I'm using up my LT shakes until my pack arrives - go will be 100% starting tomorrow...
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Hi :)
The packs are very plain and the banana one isn't a strong flavour, no. I actually really like the banana flavour, but i do add a sweetner to it. I am a chocolate addict and have always loved chocolate shakes on other diets, but funnily enough on Exante, chocolate is my least favourite shake.

Well, let us know how you get on when you have tried them. You had some great weightloss so far, well done, you look amazing!


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You can always add sweetener to these shakes if you need to. A lot of people try them hot, and also add coffee to them, so plenty of ways to jazz them up if you need to. Personally I like most of them just made up with water, so whatever takes your fancy really.
Welcome and good luck getting rid of that last stone :)


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Hey foo fan, fancy meeting u here lol!! the shakes dont bother me at all.... so far! their bland but thats too be expected!!


Losing the mummy fat
I've not tried the banana flavour yet but I'm thinking of making that into a mousse, which might make it more manageable to eat! X

Foo Fan

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Thanks for your comments guys :)

I have another question - I have done LT as you know... U can only drink black tea/coffee and water etc...

I was wondering what are Exante's rules about drinks - Ive read you can have coke zero?

What about skimmed milk?


maintaining since June'09

Foo Fan

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Thanks jan - no milk from now on :)


Been liberated by Exante!
Foo Fan said:
Thanks jan - no milk from now on :)

So confession time!

I have had a splash of skimmed milk in my morning tea since I started. I decided at the start that was what I wanted and it does not seem to have any effect on my weight loss. I enjoy morning tea with milk and felt if it the weight loss took longer - so be it.


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Hands up! I have 3 cups with skimmed or semi skimmed a day, keeps the hunger away!! :)
Ah well this is a revelation!! I only have one coffee (as soon as I get up!) and have been putting a few teaspoons of my shakes in it as I can't drink it black, the vanilla and choc in it is quite nice but ughhh the strawberry and banana in it tastes vile!! It clearly hasn't affected any of your losses so I may have to jump on the splash of skimmed milk bandwagon!! :D


Silver Member
I'm lucky cos I hate milk :D


maintaining since June'09
No milk Sandra (though I think some do)
I knew you'd all be jumping in with the above posts which is why I qualified what I said with the bracketed comment ;) :D xx
Thanks guys - had a day with out tea yesterday - gonna try and keep it that way!

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