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Starting the Cheat to Lose diet...sorry Atkins lovers!!

Hello all, hope you are all well. Just thought I'd give u an update on my dieting! I managed 10 days on Atkins and by the end of it it made me cringe at the sight of bacon and eggs. I lost 6lbs which I'm very happy with but I feel it's just not the diet for me. Too restrictive and a little too boring for someone like me who doesn't have the most extravagant of tastes!! So after reading through ClaireCats posts about her adventure on Cheat to Lose I am giving it a go!! So far I feel good!!

Yesterday was my initial cheat day prior to starting the priming phase. I went out for a meal and had everything I fancied. It was lovely!! As per the book I have now started a low carb week!! I can manage one more low carb week when I know next week I can have fruit etc!

So this week, it's similar to Atkins, then a week low gi, then a week high gi. Then after completing that without a cheat day I will get my first official cheat day!! Cannot wait!! Lol!!

So how's my first day been....really good! Due to my carb up at the weekend I had the energy today to go straight to the gym after work today. I worked hard following the 18 minute program recommended plus did some extra weight training and I've come away feeling really positive about this diet!!

I'm eating similar things as when I was doing Atkins with the added benefits of free veggies, tomatoes being one of them!!

So today I've eaten....

Protein shake
2 x bacon, scrambled eggs, mushrooms.
Protein shake

And then for tea tonight I'm thinking chicken Wrapped in bacon in a tomato, mushroom and onion sauce with a little mozzarella sprinkled on top! Looking forward to it actually!

So I've started a new thread for my new journey. If anyone wants to join in feel free!!

I'm positive and happy and that's always a good place to start!

Tara xxx

(p.s if I've put this thread in wrong place, mod please can u move, thanks!)
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This is for life
Hi Tara, hope this works for you like it has for Claire. Think everyone has a different pefect woe. Thank goodness mine is atkins lol:). Good luck and i shall be watching your menus with interest - although i am always completely confused about it!
Good Tara...i hope it works out for you ... Keep us posted :)


Determined to succeed!
I'm intrigued about this diet... Is there a book for it? Sounds complex but good :)

Hope it works for you xx
Good luck tara, and let us know if it works for you, too.

I am so carb-sensitive that I would regain very fast on that diet. The food clairecat lists sounds yummy but eating that kind of food made me morbidly obese. Alas for people like me low-carbing is the only true way forward lol.
Yeah spottydoris there is a book, can get it from amazon. Called the cheat to lose diet and it's got a green cover! Can't remember author Joel summit!!

I'm finding it fine so far as managed ok on Atkins and I know this low carb is only for a week!! And then just in 2 days bursts!!

The science bit in the book says that this diet tricks your body into producing more leptin which Is the hormone that breaks down fat. Leptin has massive surges when u stuff yourself on cheat day and then following that you have 2 days low carb so that the leptin can continue to burn fat!! I'm no scientist or anything but willing to give it a go because to be honest im desperate!!! I will try anything in a hope to find my perfect diet! It's just to lose the initial 2 stones I want to shift and then after that I will probably stay on the maintenance stage and just exercise as I have been doing! I'm confident that once ive lost all this weight I will not put it back on again through eating. I am fed up of constantly being on a diet and I would never want to go through this again. Dieting is the worst invention ever! Why couldn't it be you were more sexy as you got bigger rather than skinnier!! What's this worlds obsession with size 0???!! Anyway rant over. I am doing this for myself and my self esteem and I won't give up until I do it however long it takes And I'm sure a lot of u ladies feel the same! Xx
Day 2 of diet....

Protein shake

B- 2 bacon, 2 eggs, mushrooms and tinned tomatoes

L- tin of tuna with full fat mayo

T- rump steak, cabbage and mushrooms and onion

Feel ok, really tired but that's cos I'm getting up at 4am and feeling really down about how much uni work I have to do but that's nothing to do with diet.

Wow Tara I had never heard of this diet before it post so am intrigued by it! I really would love to hear how it's works for u as may be tempted to try it myself lol so please keep us posted and good luck x x sarah
Well day 3 over and done with!! Today has been very difficult! I went to a school careers day to promote the company I work for and the staff at school just gave us nothing but crap to eat!! Massive Costco muffins that could serve 4, croissants, chocolate pastries, cadburys mini rolls, biccies!! White bread, crisps and pop!! I managed to resist everything apart from at lunch cos I was starving. I had a chicken tikka wrap and just ate half the wrap cos people were looking at me weird ripping my wrap apart!! Lol!! So today's diary looks like this!

B- 3 eggs scrambled with butter and tad of cream

L- 1/2 chicken tikka salad wrap
Protein shake

T- rump steak with mushrooms and onions in a creamy red wine sauce! Cabbage

Can of coke zero

Water water water!

I'm feeling really proud of myself for resisting so much today! I could feel the guilt pouring over me when I ate a bit of wrap! But could have been a whole lot worse!! Lol!!

Did a normal 8-4 shift today so feeling much more awake and have even managed 2 hrs uni work!! :) xxx


Determined to succeed!
Awesome willpower, very impressed. Well done getting through it. It can't get harder than that! X


This is for life
Agree - great will power!


On a mission for boobs!
Oooh! I found it! Hehe! :D

Im happy to have a companion! I'm on my Cruise Phase, and today was my last low GI day. I'll post you my menu for today, just to make u jealous! lol!

B: Cinnamon Porridge
S: Low Fat Toffee Yoghurt
L: Ham, salad, mustard and low fat mayo on wholewheat bread, chicken noodle cuppa soup and some honeydew melon
S: Alpen chocolate & Fudge bar
D: Chilli beef wholemeal pizza with low fat garlic bread and garlic mayo, followed by a couple of weight watchers chocolate elcairs!

Hehe! :D

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