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Starting the Harcombe Diet on Monday 1st November

I plan to start the Harcombe diet on Monday Ist November (have a hectic social weekend i need to get out of the way 1st) I have bought both of the books and am delighted that The Harcombe Diet has its own little forum going now! I am looking forward to hearing everyones tips and advice. x
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Thanks very much for your support Mommy B!!!!! Not sure how I ended up starting a new thread, I was trying to leave a message on the new Harcombe thread, but, messed up as per usual ........I'm not good on the computer Lol!!! xxxx
Hi Caroline!!

HA HA, well yes of course it does!!! Although i've been doing that a lot over the past few weekends so i'm gonna TRY and be sensible this weekend !!!!!!
So could someone give me essential shopping list for Phase 1 please? Yes, I do have both books but its so much easier to get started if we can have sound advice from some of you Harcombe experts!!
Brown rice ( i did cheat once and bought some of the tilda microwave brown rice cos I was in a hurry,nothing added that we cant have and it's half a pack a day if you go down this route tho i am not of course endorsing it LOL)
veg-fresh tinned or frozen any type execpt mushrroms,and the golden rule-check the labels must not contain any sugar
Meat/fish (inc bacon)again fresh or tinned but chek for added sugar-even in ham. no smoked fish,you can have makerel tinned in olive oil too
Natural live yogurt-persoannly i use the total 0%

you can cook with any natural oil, tho Olive oil is probably the best And you can also have olives to eat too.

If you need any meal ideas,am happy to help !!
Thanks Mommy B.......did I read somewhere that smoked bacon is not allowed? Thats what we always have in the fridge, and as far as ham is concerned are most of the M and S or Tesco etc packed hams acceptable (sorry I know I'm being lazy, I could look in my book) Love the idea of olives but, only with a nice G and T and I suppose thats not allowed ? Lol x
Sorry no G & T !!

You are right no smoked meats in phase 1 and I'm sorry to say that most pre packed hams will have sugar in-i found some on the deli counter in Asda that didnt ( our sell it freshly sliced or prepacked and then it has to have the ingredients on the pack !!)
phase 1 would be bacon and egg for brekkie ( alternate it with bacon and tinned toms just so i dont get bored ),lunch might be fish and salad or home made veg soup. Last week when i repeated phase 1 I made a big batch of ratatouille and had that through the week with meat or fish. Evening meals have been steak and roast veg,or a chicken casserole with veg or prawns and stir fry veg.
With a bit of imagination you can make it interesting !!

sorry forgot to say I have part or all of the rice with either lunch or dinner.depending which it suits best
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Me too!

I am going to do phase 1 on Monday.

How exciting that we are starting together.

I bought the book some time ago but never really started to follow the plan. I have been low carbing this week but still having alcohol etc.

I am looking forward to it.
As I said earlier, i found it much less hard going than i thought i would-just kept telling my self i would be allowed wine on saturday !!!

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