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Starting the Lipotrim any words of advice!!!


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Hi All!!!:) I am starting the lipotrim on the 3rd May!!:D (Iv 2 parties the next 2 weekends so no point starting yet!) I am sooo determined to lose the 2 stone that I put on from having my little girl :)... I cant wait to be happy with my weight & not be down about it all the time!!! :)Are the shakes horrible in taste??.... I look forward to talking to you all over the next few weeks!!!!!xxx:p
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I'm starting again tomorrow morning (have done it before but not for quite a while)

Whatever anyone tells you, the shakes really aren't that bad!
I used to put a tsp of coffee in my vanilla and a drop of the little mint breath fresheners that my pharmacy do (lipo friendly) in my chocolate.

Measure out your 3 litres if you can so that you don't lose track of how much water you've had per day.

Give it some welly and you'll feel fab in no time :)
Good luck!

Mim x

Keep your chin up for the first few days because it isn't always the best time, you'll feel great once ketosis kicks in :)


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Best of Luck to you!! Yeah I have tried so many other diets & nothing seems to work - iv lost 3pound in the last 2 weeks, not quick enough as far as I can see!!!!! So Lipotrim, Im ready for u!!!!;)
I got the dvd in my chemist yesterday but I think it was the wrong one they gave me... it was nothing about lipotrim at all, it was all about vegetables & meat?? :confused:Did u see the dvd???
Can u still smoke whilst on lipotrim?? If I can still have my nicotine fix, I should be ok.......:) My lil girl is 1 in June so I want to have the weight off by then....
S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Ooh, I'm not sure about the dvd, I've never been given it. Could be about refeeding?

You can still smoke on Lipotrim so don't worry about that. I quit smoking at Christmas but I'm so close to starting again to help with food cravings.
I was on Slimming World since Christmas and stopping smoking at the same time really got me down.

Hope it goes great for you though :) Everyone seems so nice on here!

Mim x


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I will smoke like a train! haha! :) Yeah,I was so happy when I found this site last night, its seems if any1 is haven a bad time of it, people perk them up & help them to stay focused on the diet, which is what we will need at some stage Im sure.... I cant wait to lose the weight & be able to shop happily!! :) are u still off the fags? What is slimming world??- Iv never heard of that diet!
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I have smoked loads more since being on Lt lol, its the only vice i have now! The shakes and soup are ok i have never minded any of them, all personal taste, some do some don't, but always try for yourself! Good luck x
S: 12st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
What is slimming world??- Iv never heard of that diet!
Slimming World is basically 'eat what you like, when you like as long as it's fat free. lean meat, loads of veg, points (syns) for naughty stuff that you can have daily. A brilliant plan, but my issue is portion control and knowing when to stop with the naughty stuff. :p
Only managed to lose 5lb in 4 months so Lipotrim was needed.

[Smoking wise, I've been pinching the odd one off my Mum every now and again, 50/50 whether i'll start up properly, I hope not but it wouldn't surprise me if i had to so that i'm occupied whilst on Lipotrim :)]


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Yea mim it was the wrong DVD my chemist gave me, I got the right one off him today so gunna look at it tonight! :D Thanks Claire, I think I will b like u, I only smoke about 6 a day , but I think when I go on LT Il go up to 20+!!!! :)How long hav u been on it?? And how are u geten on with it?
Girls, is it true that wen uv the weight gone, u tend to put it all back on!? :( Im so afraid of this but I watch wat I eat as it is so I think I should b ok :)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Lots of luck with your lipotrim journey. Take it a day at a time. Just focus on your weigh in. Keep busy and make sure you drink 2-3 litres water every day.
As to keeping the weight off. Yes, you will keep it off but only if you change your eating habits. Go back to old habits and you go back to the old you. That's my motto.
I've maintained my TFR losses for over a year now and have lost another 29 pounds as well. So it can be done. Check out the many threads on the maintenance section. Most people have maintained there or thereabouts their original goal weight. It does take effort and lifestyle change but it is possible.


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hiya and welcome aboard!!! the shakes are actually not bad.. i add coffee granules to my vanilla shake and its actually quite nice! im prob one of the only people on here who likes the odd chicken soup.... i add cold water to it in a saucepan and keep whiskin till its boiling and its fine.... warm and fills you up!!! take it a day at a time and before you know it.... you're on day 43 like me today! really flew in and i have my 6th weigh in this morning... lost 29lbs already, not expectin much today.. totm... so chin up and stay strong and good luck!!!
Thanks girls! This site is great,I think wen I start Its really gunna help me & motivate me!!! Wish I coudl start sooner, but I wudnt b able to go to these parties & not drink cos there big parties for family members! I can enjoy my 2 weekends & then head down! Laluna u are doing so so well, I bet u feel great.... I know exactly wat u mean Molly, as it is I am been very careful with wat I eat & I go walken every evening, Iv lost sum weight but I need to lose it quicker, hence why Im joining LT... I hope I like the shakes, will definately try adding coffee, i love coffee!

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