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Starting the shakes

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hiya, just seen your msg on my thread! I weigh myself obsessively and am a binge eater - hence slim fast to control my intake - on day 3 and today was really hungry at 2pm but lasted til 3pm for my bar - I have a shake at 8am, bar at 10am, shake at 12.30pm, bar at 2-3pm, normal tea at 5pm, then yogurt and apple about 9pm (to stop me night time picking!)
I am hoping this hunger ends - but does show me how much i was over eating!!
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Hi :) I only have meal bars, the one shake I did have left me feeling really hungry, I was still hungry with the bars but not so bad.... I think it took about 2 weeks for the hunger to go, I guess it took that long for my stomach to get used to not eating loads at night!4 weeks in and I hardly ever think about evening munchies! A miracle for me! :p If I do feel like munching I just have a drink of water or go and do something for 5 minutes and it passes.

I think most people weigh in once a week


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You know, with my program, which is not called slimfast but the context is still the same... I, too, have only swapped my lunch (so far!) and they tell you that after drinking a smoothie (shake, whatever) to drink 8oz of water right after. I have noticed that makes me feel incredibly full after drinking the smoothie. And helps curb my hunger. I have also found that now that I've been doing it more than a week, I've been getting hungrier less often between meals. Hopefully if you hang in there, your body will adjust. :)



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skinny cow hot choc is the best everrrrrrrr, i have it in the evening and feel like im having a yummy treat at only 40cal per cup. good luck xx


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Hi Hun

I have shake for breakfast (never been a breakfast person lol) and then have a meal bar at lunch, I love the fruit of the forest one, and I nibble it slowly and it really fills me up, I have lots of celery if I get hungry as its negative on calories lol

Good Luck :)


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Hello to everyone on slimfast!
I just started the diet (about 5 days ago) am finding it very hard to have a liquid lunch, and am still hungry :eek:. Are the meal bars any better? How often would anyone recommend stepping on the scales? :)
hi auwa and welcome. i think the first few days is the hardest as i was used to putting any and everything in my mouth and then to go to the shakes was an extreme. :sigh: i'm, on my 3rd week now and its getting better.

like lightraven suggested i too drink a couple of glasses after my lunchtime shake and it does hold off the hunger pangs until snack time. x:cool:
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Hello, Thank you to everyone for answering my questions, I wasn't as hungry yesterday, I did have a lot of tea though! I used to drink it full fat milk and two sugars, but have now swapped the milk to skimmed and the two sugars to sweetener. So I hope that's allowed, LOL.
Ive just brought some meal bars so will give em a try today. At least it will feel like I'm eating!
good luck to everyone!
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Hi auwa I tried the shakes for lunch on my first week and was starving about 30 seconds after drinking it! I am now having smoothie for breakfast and meal bar for lunch with fruit as snacks in between. I find the meal bars 100 times better as at least you can chew them - and I'm hungry about 30 minutes later lol!! I am now nearing the end of week three on slimfast and am really not finding it that bad anymore!

Good luck!
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skinny cow hot choc is the best everrrrrrrr, i have it in the evening and feel like im having a yummy treat at only 40cal per cup. good luck xx

oh where'd u find that? I love their ice cream. I have a freezer full of the Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches!

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