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Starting Thursday

Me and my girlfriend are stating this diet on thursday i was just wondering if any of you had any advice.

What is the process what does the chemist do?
how much does it cost on a weekly average?

Im just under 19 stone and looking to lose about 4 stone as i play rugby i dont wanna get to small.

Thanks for all the advice its so appreciated
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Hey Maggs84,

Well done on taking the first step - you've decided to start LT !!

The chemist will weigh you and possibly give you a DVD to watch, (it's a bit dated, but explains the science bit)

The chemist will explain the process of how many shakes/soups to have per day. I'm not too sure on the price mine is £36 for the female variety. Maybe someone like Garry (Fattothin) could advise you there.

I think the secret seems to be ....drink plenty of water and stay focussed.

Good luck


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Hi there and welcome to the forum.

The first visit is a bit more involved then the others. You fill out a medical questionaire and they explain the diet and how it works. Then after that to be honest all my chemist does is weigh me and sell me the shakes. Not too sure if others do more.

I pay £30 a week, but I believe most chg £36 (for women). The mens used to be £40 so not sure if its gone up to £48!! Just think of all the money you'll be saving not going out for meals/drinking/food shopping etc.

This diet works amazingly fast. Men lose it very quickly indeed. You'll have lost that 4 stone in no time....bet its gone by the end of June.

Well done on making this decision. You'll have no regrets. Just get through the first few days. Once in ketosis you'll never feel hungry. Drink plenty of water....and I mean plenty...lots and lots.

Good luck.


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Hi there,
I started two days ago,its grea:)t having this site to chat to people on,it helps alot.Look at the inspiration slideshow,its amazing,it focuses you when you might falter.
It costs me £45 for female but thats in N.Ireland and as far as I can see,they can charge what they like here.I was getting it in Rotherham for £30 female and my husband's was £45,I think,cant quite remember,I know I think its alot of money weekly but when you consider the money not spent in the supermarket and no takeaways then it doesnt seem bad at all.
Give it a good go,I think it is one of the best weight loss plans around.
Good Luck!
Hi Maggs hope you play proper rugby (league):p
I get charged £48 per week. Ive never had so much cash in my pocket as you wont be needing it to buy all that beer. As for the dvd go to lipotrim web page and download. its running time is about 35 minutes, but worth watching even though the site is pants.
If you need any advice come on here and everyone will help


Back on the wagon!
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Cant add much more than the guys have stated already.....other than drink water water water water........
Go rugby gal!!:welcome:

My best advise is to have a look at one of the main threads called 'things that made my first week fly' It give you lots of tips on different ways to have your shakes and was an absolute life line for me in the first week, as I was gettin rapidly bored with the flavours.

Now im 'latte' ing it up and loving my mint chocolate by using pepermint tea!!:party0011:Load of other ideas on there.



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Think everything has already been said but good luck to both of you maggs xxx


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Good Luck Today,Think positive and all of us will help if you need a chat!

Pink starz

Sexy abs....sooon !
hey good luck to the both of you....mind and keep us updated on how you doing, it helps to keep all of us motivated too

Be prepared for the toilet breaks i am drinking about 4 litres a day on top of shakes and need to wee constantly, so just be ready for it, the first week is the toughest when you really need your willpower not to crumble and munch on something but cos 2 of you doing it you can keep an eye on each other LOL. You will both do great and the loss's you see are really fast which is so cool.

Good luck positive thoughts to the both of you

sam x
Hi all two days in and feeling good ive had no headaches as of yet although my breath could kill a donkey at 20 paces but i practice good oral hygine so this should get better. Ive been drinking about five litres of water a day so the hunger pangs arnt so bad. Im also keeping myself busy as to take my attention off not eating the bloody tv adds dont help though.
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You're doing fab, well done. Know what you mean about the ads, M&S ones are the worst!!



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Blooming t.v adds,kfc with the new chicken bites made my mouth water last night,every night the tv is full of them.
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Are they the sweet sticky ones, yum!

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