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starting to feel like a hypocondriac!

The other night i posted because i had heartburn/chest pains and tonight i'm posting because i have more pains but now in a new area! oh my gawd.:(

Just had horrible pains in my back on the lower right side - not much good on biology but isnt that where the kidneys are ? or is it the liver?!:confused::eek:

luckily the pain has gone as quickly as it came on but it gave me quite a scare.:eek:

Why do i keep getting these pains or am i just being a hypocondriac?!:p
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I suffer with pains with acid indigestion when doing cambridge but no pains anywhere else sorry!!! Im sure you will be fine but if they keep on see your gp to be sure!! Sarahxx.
i've had pains around kidney area: feels like an intense stitch.
i find sitting down or changing position along with a good drink of water seems to help.
i think when you do CD you become much more aware of your aches/pains and body in general. If u are really worried pop in to see your g.p. or practice nurse.
JJJ - I get lots of pains in the lower abdomen (sp? sorry) and lower back - to the left and right...

The back pains are quite sharp and like you explain - come and go quickly. I have terrible constipation though both on and off the diet but pains when on it are horrible...

You've reminded me of my day 2 on the diet and I had horrible chest pains and then about a week ago, similar thing.

I just keep glugging the water and hope it passes.

How you feeling now?
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Hi there

I've had acid indigestion on CD and also lower back ache. It's not been severe so I have tended to just think its all part of my body adapting to what is happening but if you are worried get it checked by your GP if only for peace of mind.

JJJ - Just read your post about your contour wraps - you don't think the pains are any result of that do you?

Just a thought...

H x


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I think you should go to the doctor and tell him, pain to the left or right of your lower back points at Kidney problems, the thing with Kidneys is, you won't feel other symptoms of being ill, but are you really willing to risk damaging your kidneys. VLCD's are renowned for being very harsh on kidneys, this should not be ignored, listen to your body sending you signals...
Hi Jodie... i think BB is right, u should tell ur GP just to be on the safe side.


HiThat sounds like kidneys. Are you drinking plenty of water? You might be starting with an infection. Try and go to see your GP or walk in centre asap just to get it ruled out. I know when I eat the bars and tetras I get terrible pains in my lower back and have the most dreadful attack of the smelly farts! Do you suffer with digestion probs? Try not to worry about it too much. xx Sam
hi all - thanks so much for your posts.

I haven't had the pains today so I'm hoping they were just a one off. Will keep an eye on things though and if it happens again i'll go to the GP, just to make sure.


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