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Starting today!

Hello everyone, am starting today with my hubby. It's my birthday on Saturday and was going to wait until Sunday but I thought that, that was exactly the kind of thinking that got me fat in the first place and if I can stick to it over the weekend then I can do anything! I have 140lbs to lose. If anyone wants to buddy up who's starting now let me know. I can only get on at weekends as I work nights. Have done Atkins in the past, but I got bored and hate having to plan the next meal. Always said if I didn't have to eat I could do it, so instead of food I am putting money where my mouth is!!!:)
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Good luck with starting today, get past day 4 and you'll be feeling great.
Ive been doing lt for nearly 6 weeks now and still feeling positive.
You'll get plenty of support from everyone on her and any questions you have they'll have the answer too.
Best wishes,
Good luck to you and your hubby, you will be able to support each other through the first few days which are tough! Once you are both in ketosis you will be fine, then when you have your first WIns you will both be flying!
This forum is a great support and great for any questions you may have

Good luck

Clair x


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wahey! welcome! you sound like you are in the right frame of mind and very well done for deciding to do it today and not wait untill after some occasion, as with life in general there is always some occasion/party/something that has prevented us in the past so you are right to start now! :D

Good luck to you and your hubby :) xxx
Hey there and welcome to the forum and to LT. as the others have said well done for starting before your birthday and remember your birthday will come around next year!!! you and your hubby will be a great support to each other i am doing it with my mum:) and we spur each other on. get the water down ya and you'll both be fine!!! and use the forum well great tips advice and support on here also so use it well!! good luck :)
well done for starting now hun, I just had my 30th birthday this weekend and i had a great time. The plus side was that i have been weighed today and have lost 4lbs :)
The weekend was more anxiety provoking for my friends and family rather then me. Wondering what to do that didn't involve food, we went out on friday night and i had a great time dancing and partying with my water! lol. Saturday we went to a comedy club and sunday was ten pin bowling. once we figured out non food related celebrations it was so easy and everyone enjoyed themselves.
Tracey. xx
Good luck to you and your hubby hun i'm sure it will be easy cos both of you are doing it and you don't have to look @some1 eating while you're not.
Thanks everyone for the lovely welcome. I am just back from the weigh in, clutching my shakes. I will have the first one at 6pm just before I go to work. I work 12 hr night shifts in a factory, so I have to walk around all night, no sitting down. I am doing this because my knees hurt so much in the mornings. They told me I should lose 5 stone in 15 weeks!! Do I like that Idea? Oh yes!!!! But I will believe it when it happens. :mad:)
Welcome and well done!
I started a week, first weigh in today and lost 11.5lbs - so that would make up for missing 1 birthday, I'm sure?!?

Lovely you're doing it together - as everyone's said first 3 days or so are probably hardest and then once in Ketosis, it'll be easier.

I agree a 'no eating' diet is easier. I know when I've done other diets I've cheated cos 'just 1 of something...' won't really make the difference!!

LT makes you really notice what you eat, when and why etc.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing your success stories x


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Hiya and Welcome I am sure that you will do fine. Just remember to drink plenty and come on here when you can for motivation. Everyone here is really friendly and supportive and before you know it you will be at goal.

irish molly

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Lots of luck on your journey on LT. Keep sipping water as it really helps in the first week and every other week too.
Its great you have started now hun. as the others have said there is always an occasion stopping us! Well good luck for the week i wont lie it aint easy but its so worth it and after your first weigh in you will be so deliriously happy you wont remember the hunger. Great idea to do it wit the hubby just remember hormones mite go a bit weird and withdrawals in the first week mite coz some tension but after dat its all plain sailing(most of the time, haha).

Good luck and keep us updated. :)

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