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starting today?

It stands for the Cambridge Diet.
Its a meal replacement diet so you have shake porridge, bars e.c.t. Its also a VLCD so about 400 calories a day
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Memememe!!!! After not having a very good past week, I am right back on it properly!!! I was trying to hard before and trying to do a detox and keep it too low, wanted to ahve a kick start but it just wasn't working, was getting hungry and having a binge lol! So I've scrapped that and back properly with good ol juddd, as from today :D
Meeee!!! I started again today (although I started with an up day). First down day tomorrow and no mucking about :)

Hubby is promising to help me this time so I'm hoping that will make the difference this time.
Oh good luck Karen, you can do it girlie, nice to see we're all back on this board again to support eachother as it really does help :)

Yes Nicki it is hard when everybody else is eating, I usually still ahev to make dinner for everybody else on my dd's, which usually doesn't bother me but sometimes does! then it's making the pack lunches for them all after dinner has been cleared away! Ooh not good!!! Although hubby did dinner tonight as I was out taking my daughter to musical theatre class. I had to get my cuppa and crispbreads and come in the lounge tho as he was cooking chips!!! Hmmm!
We LOVE Dr J :heartpump::heartpump::bananalove::heartpump:
I'm going to start again too! Although today has been an UD and tomorrow got a birthday meal for my boss planned..........I guess Friday will be my first DD. I know I can do it and this time UDs will be sensible and healthy and not an excuse to spend the whole day eating.

I will not be afraid of the scales! I will do this!
Well, hubby has agreed to eat a vegetable soup or curry with me on the evening of a down day but he will have bread as well. He's also agreed only to drink wine or snack in the evenings on an up day. I hope he sticks to it as it will make it so much easier for me.
That's great Karen! Mine sits there eating ice creams and crisps in teh eve on my dd's grrr!!! He can drink all he wants that doesn't bother me as I don't drink lol! makes it easier!!!

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