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Starting tomorrow and feeling very nervous!!


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Hey welcome Comet!!!!!!!! :D

Perfectly normal to be nervous don't worry! I was really excited before starting, you're in for such an amazing ride and I'm sure you're gonna meet some epic people on this forum that'll help you get through it when the going gets tough, just keep your goal in mind at all times and remember food is just fuel and the sachets are now your fuel :D

Just drink loadsa water, at first you'll be nipping to the loo all the time and you'll be frustrated, or at least I was, but after a bit you just get used it and it becomes a habit and you stop thinking about it :)

Good luck!


Don't Worry Be Happy
welcome and good luck, Aaron says it all really:)
Welcome hun, I am only a couple of days ahead of you as tommorrow will be day three so expecting it to be a toughy....
I found the site yesterday and got some great infomation off the people on here regarding doing different things with the packs such as adding a spoon of coffee to the vanilla pack and having a lovely warm latte, it is really good too. Also tried peppermint tea for the first time and loving that too. lots of info here and great networking with smashing like minded people, good luck xx
Thanks! I am feeling excited just a little worried how i will manage with running after 2 young children lol.

I have got some water chilling overnight in the fridge. I think that is going to be my hardest problem, i drink loads now but it is all no added sugar squash and i am dreading having to give that up.

Also i do karate, the pharmacist said to just see how it goes but i do worry a little. Has anyone here carried on regular excercise when starting this diet?
Good luck, it does get easier keep drinking !!

Nic x
hi comet, tomorrow will be my first day starting back again as well. also i have 2 young children to run after. i have done this diet a couple of times, each time loosing weight (and never putting it back on again)

unfortunatly i tried to start it 2 weeks ago and was just not in the right frame of mind or organised!!!! so tomorrow will be the big day.

the main thing is WATER WATER WATER.

good luck and everyone on here seems really friendly and supportive



Eyes on the Prize!!
Good luck for your first day. Get the first week over with and it won't be so daunting. Welcome aboard this journey xxx


Otherwise known as Jools
Hiya and welcome aboard. I am sure that you will do fine - just remember lots of water, lots of sleep and keep busy. With regards to the exercise - just take it easy the first couple of weeks as you should not do a lot of cardio on a TFR but lots of people have carried on with their exercise regimes. I guess its all down to how you feel and how much you feel you can do.

I am sure that you will do fabulous - the peeps on here are brilliant for support and advice :)

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