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Starting tomorrow... any last minute advice?

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by butterflybow, 23 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi guys!

    I'm so annoyed I just typed a huge message only to lose it...:mad:

    Anyway, I am starting S & S tomorrow after a month of outrageous diet swapping and cheating. I am petrified as I really didn't expect to be eating sachets (I know... even the website tells me they're dehydrated, but I just never realised...). That was a shock, but after reading reviews I'm keeping optimistic and striving on!

    I have two questions: One, what would everyone say is their top tip for surviving S & S. Secondly, I'm not sure whether to start the diet tomorrow (full day at work) or Friday (glourious day off). I'm really keen to start tomorrow before I talk myself out of it, but I'm worried about suffering digestive issues at work (ahem!! you know.....)

    Any advice appreciated :p
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  3. Lulu1964

    Lulu1964 Full Member

    Hi butterfly.. I would say start tomorrow. The first day you just feel a bit hungry, the second day for me both times was the day I wanted to hibernate from the world, so you will be able to do that on your glorious day off!

    I think my top tip, would be to stay positive. Yes you might feel a bit rubbish for a few days, but I'm coming to the end of week 3 and feel fabulous. I don't get hungry, I don't have cravings and I'm seeing results already... It's worth it!

    So go into it expecting to feel hungry/tired/maybe slightly lightheaded for a few days....Be kind to yourself and don't do too much to start with. Know that the bad stuff will get easier as soon as ketosis kicks in... Remember why you want to do this and stay positive! Good luck xx
  4. jollycoco

    jollycoco Full Member

    Hi well done for starting :) the first few days are hardest, you will be hungry, might get a headache and feel a bit grouchy,tired but it honestly gets easier, I started on on a day off from work,got the kids to school then concentrated on making up.my packs and drinking water without interruption but thats not to say you can't start at work, your bowel movements wont be effected on day 1 or 2 so don't panic, I've never had any trouble on 2 diff vlcd but everyone is different, I take a 1litre bottle of water everywhere and refill when empty, then I know how much I've had,for me room temp water is easier to drink as cold gives me brain freeze! Try to space out ur packs and if you feel really hungry drink more water and brush ur teeth or use a breath spray,it helps curb your craving(also needed for ketosis breath) you will soon get into a routine and I promise it gets easier just keep visualizing yourself slimmer,healthier and happier and remember why you are doing this, you'll see results fast if you stick to it and that motivates you more, good luck and well done :)
  5. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi guys! Thanks for the advice. Feeling a little rubbish already and I haven't even started!

    Told Mom about my diet (I live with her so I had to) and she's been very patronising Her exact words are "Is that how desperate you are" and "I didn't think you were the type to fall for things like that". Just put me in a big funk :cry:Sigh!
  6. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Prove her wrong ;) very unfair of her to say that, but maybe she just doesn't understand how the plan works.

    Food packs taste great, I'm sure you will be pleasantly surprised!
  7. donjon

    donjon Full Member

    My advice is take one day at a time. Rome was not built in a day and your extra weight didnt pile on over night. Its hard, there can be slip ups, but dont throw the towel in and dont beat yourself up over it. It does get easier as time goes on and it does have proven results. I am on day 9 and have lost 9lbs already. Some people lose the weight quicker but on average you should lose around a stone a month if you stick to it. Good Luck and come on here for support if you feel you are not getting it from your family.
  8. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Don't be sabotaged by the unkind and uneducated words of others. I know how difficult it is, all I really wanted was for my parents to be proud of my acheivements (and I'm 41!!) so I didn't share S&S with them for about 5 or 6 weeks, when I did they couldn't have been more supportive, and are so proud.

    My top tip - use the time away from "real food" to look at why you got to the point of needing S&S, work on your head's need for food - you'll discover your body doesn't need it and manages perfectly well without it! If you take the time and crack that one, you'll not need to do this again :)
  9. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    Good luck! Definitely best to start on a work day as you'll be super motivated and day 1 should be *quite* easy - then if you get a day 2 headache you can just feel sorry for yourself under the duvet!

    First few days are hardest, you just have to be bloody minded and plough through, then once you get into ketosis it's all plain sailing (well, almost!)

    Looking forward to seeing how you're getting on!!
  10. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Thanks everyone :)
    First shake down, choc cereal, was lovely! My plan today is to work super hard and try not to think about the hunger.
    Feeling really apprehensive about the dinner though :( eek!
  11. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    You can do it!! Get a few days in and you'll be so glad you did :D

    What are you meal plans for the day?
  12. jollycoco

    jollycoco Full Member

    you've made a start well done, I.didn't tell anyone about my vlcd and then I told a friend who did nothing but try and sabotage it, even making me a big banoffi pie (my fave) and bringing it to my house, my children enjoyed it ,i didn't have a morsel of it and she got really annoyed, she is big too and I know she panicked that I'd succeed and be slimmer than her...some friend! Keep going , stay positive it's your life, your body and ur choice, you are not starving yourself, you are taking positive steps to improve your life and health.
  13. GEEGEE83

    GEEGEE83 Full Member

    Well done Jollycoco! Good motivation for you to succeed :D
  14. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    What a bloody horrible thing to do!! I'd be fuming if someone did that to me!!

    You can do it chick! Like everyone said its the first few day that are hard gets easier, but don't go into it with negative thoughts, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

  15. jollycoco

    jollycoco Full Member

    Yes she's only a casual acquaintance now! Butyes definitely perfect motivation to keep going :)
  16. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Hi guys :)

    Well I haven't cheated yet! Had two shakes, had the spag bol but only about 2 spoons because It's not for me, so I've had a chocolate bar for now and I'll make a chicken breast and broccoli later when I get night munchies.

    Everyone at work was really nice/unhelpful at the same time becuase my boss kept teasing me with cake (which I didn't want at all!) but it was a bit humiliating, a bit run fat girl run. Sigh.

    But I swear I already have the dry mouth and stinking breath! I guess it's not likely I'm already in ketosis, but I'm literally not feeling the hunger at all!
  17. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    The spicy spaghetti is waaaaay nicer!!
    I'd of gone mad if someone was doing that to me, just ignore that and keep going towards a healthier you.
    Sounds like a good start though, you'll find you start missing food less and less till it doesn't feel like anything is a temptation.
  18. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Everyone at work was really nice/unhelpful at the same time becuase my boss kept teasing me with cake (which I didn't want at all!) but it was a bit humiliating, a bit run fat girl run. Sigh.

    Ooooh do you know, that really makes me mad! There are so many laws against doing that to so many groups of people - but those of us who find ourselves a bit bigger than others seem to be considered to be fair game. Next time tell your boss they should have it, in fact you can hear their arteries crying out for more fat as you're standing there!
  19. butterflybow

    butterflybow Full Member

    Mashworth I am looking forwards to that one! Sounds yum!

    I'm going to try to not let it get to me because they will soon be interested when I've dropped a stone in three weeks (we can hope eh ! Aiming high :p)
    All the girls were lovely really, just a bit perplexed because they are about 9 stone and all gorgeous (damn them!)
  20. Lou_G

    Lou_G Gold Member

    You'll show them - the b******ds!! People just seem to have their own motives for making others fail on their diets

    'oh you don't need to lose weight' - errr, my obese BMI disagrees with that

    We all need to lock ourselves away at a holiday camp together, all do the diet together and then exit at the end looking like fricking superstars :D:D
  21. lass321

    lass321 Gold Member

    A lot of people don't understand the sachet thing and think it is a dangerous fad diet. Unless they take the time to do the research there is nothing you can do to educate them. You know that you are undertaking a safe and scientifically tested food regime and you will be able to feel smug at the end when it works. People tend to keep losing weight for longer on vlc diets (as long as they are done in a safe and controlled manner) because they keep feeling motivated by their continuing successes. Keep going and in very little time you will be astounded by the results. xxx

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