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Starting tomorrow - nervous!

Hi all - now being a repeat offender (losing weight / gaining weight) on various different diets and find myself at my heaviest weight ever of 15st 6lb :mad: I have decided to give exante a go. I have a terrible relationship with food and binge on completely the wrong things whenever I have a bad day and think I need to take myself away from food altogether to take the temptation away.

I am very apprehensive though and just hope I can make it through!

Looking forward to getting to know you all :)
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Good Luck!
I'm a serial binger too so I know the struggle.
It's hard, but if you just remind yourself why you're doing it, you'll be fine.

L x
Hi all
This is my first day and first post
After having a discussion with a friend I decided I needed to take drastic measures I need to lose 4 stone so after finding these forums hoping by reading what people are getting up to and how much weight there losing it might give melts of an incentive
I'm 5.7" and weigh 14.13 fingers crossed and good luck to everyone
Me too! You can do it just get through those first few days, find out what you like and don't like and you will be fine x
Hi all - thank you for all your encouragement :)

Bexter1974 - Only 1 day in, but so far so good. Have liked the packs I've had so far which is a good start. I have woken up very hungry today and I am expecting the dreaded headaches today so we'll see how day two goes.

I'm 5ft 7in and weight 15st 4lb so very similar to you hodgys_mrs. I'm sure we'll do great!

How are you all getting on?
Keep at it, I find the bars really filling and can make my bar last! I have half in the morning, a shake at lunch the other half in he afternoon and my last pack at about 7. Drink loads of water and that will help also peppermint tea is good for those hunger pangs x
Morning all
Well got through day one I did have an extra bar last night but still only 800 cals
Really struggling drinking the water and I know I have to do it I'll keep persevering
Enjoyed the shakes and the strawberry jam bars hated the hot cross bun bars
Had banana shake this morning which tasted better now I've added extra water to it
Hope I can keep up the good work
You can do it! It took me about 4 weeks to be able to get all the water down. Some days are better than others x
Morning all
Well yesterday was a really good day managed on 2 shakes and 1 bar never felt hungry
It proves to me that I'm just greedy and eat for the sake of eating !!!
I've put the scales away as I only want to weigh in once a week
I'm on a 7 week countdown for my holiday
How's everyone doing
Really good thanks it's great that you arnt hungry. Where you going on holiday? X
I'm off to Tenerife 22nd may
Usually do all inclusive but trying half board this time
Luckily I don't drink do don't have to worry about all the extra calories
If I can get 2 stone off I'll be happy all my excess fat is round my middle
My arms legs and butt are not bad it's just middle age spread!!!
How long have you been doing it bex? How much have you lost?
Got to admit I haven't tried many diets over the years on account of working in a Chinese takeaway free food on tap!!!! done nothing for my waistline
Usually go on holiday twice a year and every January I say I'm not having another fat holiday but I love my food to much
I've just done 5 weeks and lost 22lbs. Last few weeks it's really slowed down but hoping it picks up again as I have a lot to lose! Mmmmmm Chinese is my fav that's the food I miss most x
Hi all,

Just wanted to say hi to everyone. :)

I am a new start to Exante today. I have 6st 3lb to lose so think I will be on the diet for a while. So far I have had .......

Breakfast - Vanilla Shake (liked it)
Lunch - Blueberry Smoothie (it was okay)
Dinner - Sweet and Sour (pleasantly surprised)

How is everyone else getting on?

Hi everyone, great to know I'm not alone!! I have started this week and need to lose at least 5stone :(. So far so good apart from banging headache but not sure if it's a bit of a bug . Tried crunchy cereal... Interesting! I struggle with the bars...funny aftertaste a bit like vitamin capsules?? However, Apple crumble and custard was surprisingly good, Indian curry and rice sachet and Indian Dahl pot were both tasty and tonight had shepherds pie which was a little chewy but tasted ok. Oh, and the powdered orange juice is great if any of you are struggling with the water. Good luck everyone x:)
Hi all
Had a really good day yesterday
2 shakes and 1 bar Had my 7 year old grandson to stay last night he came armed with Easter eggs and sweets we a sat playing monopoly so couldn't get away from the chocolate but I didn't give in I'm so proud
Woke up this morning with no headache had one for days but it was also flu I was getting over Took a bar out with me to my mams and chewed on that instead of going in the chocolate drawer
My face is looking a bit thinner and my hubby said he would give me £100 for every stone I lose gives me some extra incentive
Hope everyone's doing well
Wanted to say hi to Michelle and mam of 8 glad there's a few more newbies on here hopefully with all the support around we all get to our targets
Good luck
Keeping drinking that water LOL
Hi Hodgys_mrs,

Hope you are well how has your day been? I have done well again today day 2 complete .........

Breakfast - Strawberry Shake (nice)
Lunch - Toffee, Nut and Rasin Bar (nice)
Dinner - Black Bean Pot (Yuck can not even stomach it managed half then had to leave the rest)

I even went shopping with my sister today and had to sit in KFC with my Bar whilst her and my son had lunch but I managed it no cheating :) it did smell amazing though.
How has everyone else been today?