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  1. PurpleGirl84

    PurpleGirl84 New Member

    Hi all,

    I'm new to exante, having successfully lost quite a bit on Cambridge about 6 yrs ago, I feel experienced in what to expect with this vlcd. I've been crap in the interim, plus had two children, so my weight is back up and now my priority.

    My partner's really supportive, and has been reading some great stuff on kick starting your morning metabolism by drinking 1 of your 3L of water first thing in the morning, as 3 large glasses before I leave for work, so I'm hoping this might help get me off to a good start.

    I've got some short and long term goals which I'll add as my signature once I've posted enough :)

    in the meantime, they're just:

    Goal 1: get through a week
    goal 2: lose half a stone
    goal 3:get through 4 wks
    Goal 4: lose a stone
    goal 5: see the 12s

    Starting weight 14st1lb I think. Last weighed last week and can't weigh until tomorrow so will update if different.

    Wish me luck, I'll be on here for some support :)))
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  3. SheridanLM91

    SheridanLM91 Criminology Student

    Welcome and good on you for setting goals.

    I'm sure it will certainly be helpful your experience from Cambridge and I hope that you get some good losses soon!

  4. lilly05

    lilly05 Full Member

    Hay I'm re starting tomorrow as well got a lot to lose. Wanna go back to my pre pregnancy weight 8st 7lbs don't mind 9st good luck for tomorrow xxxx
  5. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Hello!! Also starting (again) tomorrow... Official weigh in in the morning but I think I'm about 14st, maybe high 13s if I'm lucky!

    Want to get down to under 11st really.

    Lost 6st on lighter life a few years ago, but it's waaaay to expensive so exante it is!

    Good luck everybody xx
  6. suzy1473

    suzy1473 Full Member

    I started today finding it so hard got curry in the microwave i did well last time so here about 10 stone to lose x

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  7. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    Lauren I lost nearly 6 stone on LL before too! Started exante today.
  8. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    Laura even!
  9. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Hi Guys I'm on day 5 similar story lost 4 stone a few years ago on cambridge, became a counsellor and now im at my heaviest with all my weight back on plus half stone! we can do it :grouphugg:
  10. sandrat

    sandrat Full Member

    At least we know what to expect!
  11. Striver

    Striver Full Member

    Good luck!
    might join your thread if that's ok as the board can be a bit quiet at times?
    Keep going all of us!
  12. PurpleGirl84

    PurpleGirl84 New Member

    Hi everyone!

    Striver come on in, all welcome - I too prefer to pick up a thread where I know people are at a similar point :))

    so, so far now I'm on day 5 and see if any of this sounds familiar to yourselves:

    1. Glad I did the shakes/bars bumper
    2. Headache/feeling a bit under the weather is I think worse than I remember from wk 1 of Cambridge last time, but it could be age!
    3. Finding it ok to stick to, I've had a couple of pieces of medallion bacon (no carbs, 65k protein) on 2 mornings as I just felt downright awful. This for me through.
    4. Weigh in yesterday at the start of day 4 and I'd dropped from 14.0 to 13.6 3/4 (WW scales v accurate) so I am thrilled! Really motivated me to aim for 9-10lb for the week :)))

    5. I'm having a high protein meal of green pork chill tonight as I want to have some sort of social eating with my lovely OH :)

    how ow about everyone else then? Any nuggets you fancy sharing?
  13. PurpleGirl84

    PurpleGirl84 New Member

    Not chicken nuggets lol!!!

    i am keeping motivated and planning on incorporating a no carb meal in on one day of the weekend to keep me focused.
  14. scoobydo

    scoobydo Member

    Hi Purple girl hope you are going strong. Sending positive thoughts x
  15. Lauraf83

    Lauraf83 Full Member

    Hi all! yes going ok thanks. I too am glad I didn't get the soups - yuck!! Only thing I don't like so far is the Berry Bar... but will survive!

    Had dreadful headaches d2-d3, but I think ketosis has kicked in now and I don't feel toooo hungry.

    Had a period on day 3 when I felt simply awful, realised I hadn't had anything for 17 hours. Had my shake then 3 hours later a bar but still felt awful, had to have another bar... Felt a bit bad but better than caving to non-exante food I suppose.

    Am also drinking 1 can of coke zero on most days as a treat, beats the monotony of water!

    Sneaky peak at the scales shows have gone from 13st 12.8lbs to 13.8lbs in 4 days! Very happy with that. And it might be psychological but my clothes do feel looser.

    On night shifts all this week which is a challenge, so much naughty food around! Just. Say. No!!

    Keep going everybody,

    Laura xx
  16. Emilie

    Emilie Full Member

    how is it going purplegirl? following your diary :)
  17. Lulu2810

    Lulu2810 Full Member

    I'm a newbie so I'll also follow ur journey :) how are you getting on?
  18. Hi, I'm another newbie to the whole meal replacement ethos. Am on day 4 and feeling dreadful, tired and weak, also started a period today... PMT in overdrive! Finding it ok to stick to it so far but struggling with the water, hence, headaches but the food is ok as long as I think about third world famine when I'm munching the Berry Bar! When will I feel better???
  19. slimwannabe

    slimwannabe Silver Member


    I also lost around 5 stone in 4 months several years ago on cambridge, much prefer exante as more options and is cheaper.

    Unfortunately I regained after illness :(

    Lost a few stone on exante early last year, maintained till early this year and decided I was ready to restart and get it moving again.
    Have been dithering for past few months though so have joined the july challenge to stay 100% and will log any losses each day, think I need all the luck I can get as am only on day 2 eek!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well Xx
  20. End of day 6 and feeling a little better. Still a bit light headed but not really hungry. Am loving the ready meals, soups and rice crispy bars! Just a quick couple of questions, how do I know when I am in ketosis and is zero coke allowed on a total solutions plan?

    I hope you are all feeling as positive as I am today ? x

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